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Design and characterization of compact single-section passive polarization rotator
In this paper an improved design for a short and low-loss polarization rotator is proposed, consisting of a single-section asymmetrical waveguide butt-coupled between two standard rib waveguides. AtExpand
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Full vectorial finite-element-based imaginary distance beam propagation solution of complex modes in optical waveguides
In this paper, we address accurate computation of complex propagation constants and field distributions of different modes, in general, lossless and lossy optical dielectric waveguides. Using theExpand
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Accurate finite element modal solution of photonic crystal fibres
The imaginary distance full vectorial finite element based beam propagation method (IDVFEBPM) is applied to perform an accurate modal solution to photonic crystal fibres (PCFs). The robust perfectlyExpand
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Modelling leaky photonic wires: A mode solver comparison
We present results from a mode solver comparison held within the frameworkof the European COST P11 project. The structure modelled is a high-index contrast photonic wire in silicon-on- insulatorExpand
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Highly Nonlinear Birefringent Soft Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber With Liquid Crystal Core
In this letter, highly nonlinear birefringent soft glass photonic crystal fiber is presented and analyzed using the full vectorial finite-difference method. The suggested design has a central holeExpand
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Fully Integrated AND and OR Optical Logic Gates
  • Raghda M. Younis, N. Areed, S. Obayya
  • Physics
  • IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
  • 17 July 2014
We propose two novel designs of compact, linear, and all-optical OR and AND logic gates based on photonic crystal architecture. The proposed devices are formed by the combination of the ring cavitiesExpand
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Design of passive polarization rotator based on silica photonic crystal fiber.
We propose and analyze a novel (to the best of our knowledge) design of a polarization rotator (PR) based on silica photonic crystal fiber. The proposed design has a rectangular core region with aExpand
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Polarization Rotator Based on Soft Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber With Liquid Crystal Core
A rigorous study of polarization rotation in a novel design of high-tunable polarization rotator based on soft glass photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is introduced and analyzed. The suggested PCF has aExpand
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Multichannel photonic crystal fiber surface plasmon resonance based sensor
A novel design of multichannel biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance photonic crystal fiber is proposed and analysed using full vectorial finite element method. The analyte detection can beExpand
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Improved design of a polarization converter based on semiconductor optical waveguide bends.
By using an efficient vector finite-element-based beam-propagation method, we present an improved design of a polarization converter. This design relies on the use of a single-section deeply etchedExpand
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