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Frequency interference between two quartz crystal microbalances
Multichannel quartz crystal microbalances (MQCM) are very attractive for biosensor applications because these devices can be miniaturized using microelectromechanical systems micromachiningExpand
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Surface stress effects on the resonance properties of cantilever sensors
The effect of surface stress on the resonance frequency of a cantilever sensor is modeled analytically by incorporating strain-dependent surface stress terms into the equations of motion. ThisExpand
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Bilayer gate dielectric study by scanning tunneling microscopy
An advanced bilayer gate dielectric stack consisting of Sc2O3∕La2O3∕SiOx annealed in nitrogen at 300°C was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy using bias dependent imaging. By changing theExpand
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Direct adsorption and monolayer self-assembly of acetyl-protected dithiols.
The alpha,omega-dithiols, with sulfur-containing groups at both ends of the molecules, can be used to bridge a metallic gap. Functional self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of these dithiols must "standExpand
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Dynamic interactions between microbubbles in water
The interaction between moving bubbles, vapor voids in liquid, can arguably represent the simplest dynamical system in continuum mechanics as only a liquid and its vapor phase are involved.Expand
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Hydrodynamic boundary conditions and dynamic forces between bubbles and surfaces.
Dynamic forces between a 50 microm radius bubble driven towards and from a mica plate using an atomic force microscope in electrolyte and in surfactant exhibit different hydrodynamic boundaryExpand
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Thermal effects on coated resonant microcantilevers
Abstract High sensitivity detectors can be made using microcantilevers and measuring shifts in the resonance frequency of the cantilever motion arising from changes in mass loading or surface stress.Expand
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Crystalline structure and squeeze-out dissipation of liquid solvation layers observed by small-amplitude dynamic AFM
Using frequency-modulation atomic force microscopy (FM-AFM) at sub-nanometer vibration amplitudes, we find in the system $n$-dodecanol/graphite that solvation layers may extend for several nanometersExpand
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Solvation forces in branched molecular liquids.
The solvation force of squalane confined between a silicon tip and a graphite surface has been measured by atomic force microscopy. This highly branched molecule shows oscillatory force profilesExpand
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Study of preferential localized degradation and breakdown of HfO2/SiOx dielectric stacks at grain boundary sites of polycrystalline HfO2 dielectrics
Graphical abstractDisplay Omitted The real-time observation of faster degradation at GB sites of HfO2 dielectric.C-AFM results show enhanced defect generation rate at the GB sites.PreferentialExpand
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