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The importance of music to adolescents.
AIMS The study aims to determine the importance of music to adolescents in England, and investigates why they listen to and perform music. SAMPLE A total of 2465 adolescents (1149 males; 1266Expand
Functions of Music in Everyday Life: An Exploratory Study Using the Experience Sampling Method
The aim of this exploratory study was to (a) test the viability of the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) as a means of identifying unfolding episodes of everyday musical experience, (b) examine theExpand
The Social and Applied Psychology of Music
"The Social and Applied Psychology of Music" by Adrian North & David Hargreaves "The Social and Applied Psychology of Music", by Adrian North & David Hargreaves. Oxford: Oxford University Press,Expand
Flow Theory and the Development of Musical Performance Skills.
The present study adopts the theoretical and methodological approach used in "flow theory" proposed by Csikszentmihalyi (1975, 1993) to examine motivational and social factors associated with youngExpand
Children's Gender-Typed Preferences for Musical Instruments: An Intervention Study
This study investigated the influence of exposure to counter gender-stereotypic role models on children's gender-typed preferences for six musical instruments (piano, trumpet, violin, drums, guitar,Expand
Students’ motivation to study music as compared to other school subjects: A comparison of eight countries
This study draws on an expectancy-value theoretical framework to examine the motivation (competence beliefs, values and task difficulty) of 24,143 students (11,909 females and 10,066 males, aged 9 toExpand
Gender and music.
Boys' and Girls' Preferences for Musical Instruments: A Function of Gender?
This study investigated children's preferences for learning to play musical instruments and the extent to which boys' and girls' preferences are based on the gender stereotyped associations that haveExpand