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Decline of the world's saline lakes
Many of the world's saline lakes have been shrinking due to consumptive water use. The Great Salt Lake, USA, provides an example for how the health of and ecosystem services provided by saline lakesExpand
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Hydrologic Response and Watershed Sensitivity to Climate Warming in California's Sierra Nevada
This study focuses on the differential hydrologic response of individual watersheds to climate warming within the Sierra Nevada mountain region of California. We describe climate warming models forExpand
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Optimizing the dammed: water supply losses and fish habitat gains from dam removal in California.
Dams provide water supply, flood protection, and hydropower generation benefits, but also harm native species by altering the natural flow regime and degrading aquatic and riparian habitat. RestoringExpand
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Flow and water temperature simulation for habitat restoration in the Shasta River, California
Low instream flows and high water temperatures are two factors limiting survival of native salmon in California's Shasta River. This study examines the potential to improve fish habitat conditions byExpand
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Water-Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: A Method to Consider Whether Dams Mitigate Climate Change Effects on Stream Temperatures
This article provides a method for examining mesoscale water quality objectives downstream of dams with anticipated climate change using a multimodel approach. Coldwater habitat for species such asExpand
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In bad waters: Water year classification in nonstationary climates
[1] Water year indices and drought indices are helpful for categorizing water years into similar types, allowing water managers and policymakers to quantify years, visualize variability, and guideExpand
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Fish habitat optimization to prioritize river restoration decisions
This paper examines and ranks restoration alternatives for improving fish habitat by evaluating tradeoffs between fish production and restoration costs. Optimization modelling is used to maximizeExpand
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Optimizing Selective Withdrawal from Reservoirs to Manage Downstream Temperatures with Climate Warming
AbstractSelective withdrawal systems can take advantage of thermal stratification in reservoirs to manage downstream temperatures. Selective withdrawal might also help adapt operations toExpand
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How Do Changes to the Railroad Causeway in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Affect Water and Salt Flow?
Managing terminal lake elevation and salinity are emerging problems worldwide. We contribute to terminal lake management research by quantitatively assessing water and salt flow for Utah’s Great SaltExpand
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