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Two new species from Gabon show the need to reduce Commitheca to the synonymy of Pauridiantha (Rubiaceae, Pauridiantheae)
Two new Pauridiantha species (Pauridiantheae, Rubiaceae) from Gabon are described and illustrated. Pauridiantha pleiantha is characterized by a combination of entirely glabrous stems, stipules with aExpand
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Pollen and Seeds Reveal that Spermacoce thymoidea s.l. (African Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae) Represents Three Endemic or Disjunct Species from the Zambezian High Plateaus
Abstract Pollen and seed morphological data refute that Borreria hockii (R.D. Congo, Katanga) is synonymous to Spermacoce thymoidea (Southwest Angola, Huila). For the former, the necessaryExpand
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Four new endemic genera of Rubiaceae (Pavetteae) from Madagascar represent multiple radiations into drylands
Abstract The taxonomic positions and phylogenetic relationships of six Pavetteae species endemic to Madagascar were tested with a phylogenetic study of the Afro-Madagascan representatives of theExpand
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Identification of new areas for botanical inventory in Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Overall, the digitalization of herbaria in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has already reached a high level. All herbaria in the country have begun to digitize their holdings for long termExpand
Deux nouvelles espèces paléo-endémiques de Pauridiantha (Rubiaceae) des Monts Udzungwa (sud de la Tanzanie)
Deux nouvelles especes de Pauridiantha (Rubiaceae), sont decrites et illustrees. La premiere, P. coalescens, est originale par son inflorescence coalescente avec la tige, ses minuscules stipules etExpand