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Graphviz - Open Source Graph Drawing Tools
Graphviz is a heterogeneous collection of graph drawing tools containing batch layout programs, a platform for incremental layout, customizable graph editors, utility programs useful in graph visualization; and libraries for attributed graphs. Expand
An open graph visualization system and its applications to software engineering
A package of practical tools and libraries for manipulating graphs and their drawings that includes stream and event interfaces for graph operations, high-quality static and dynamic layout algorithms, and the ability to handle sizable graphs is described. Expand
A Technique for Drawing Directed Graphs
A four-pass algorithm for drawing directed graphs is presented, which creates good drawings and is fast. Expand
An open graph visualization system and its applications to software engineering
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Graph Drawing by Stress Majorization
This work shows how to draw graphs by stress majorization, adapting a technique known in the MDS community for more than two decades and appears that majorization has advantages over the technique of Kamada and Kawai in running time and stability. Expand
Graphviz and Dynagraph - Static and Dynamic Graph Drawing Tools
Graphviz is a collection of software for viewing and manipulating abstract graphs. It provides graph visualization for tools and web sites in domains such as software engineering, networking,Expand
Measuring and extracting proximity in networks
A new way of measuring and extracting proximity in networks called "cycle free effective conductance"(CFEC) is proposed, which can handle more than two endpoints, directed edges, is statistically well-behaved, and produces an effectiveness score for the computed subgraphs. Expand
LiveRAC: interactive visual exploration of system management time-series data
This work presents LiveRAC, a visualization system that supports the analysis of large collections of system management time-series data consisting of hundreds of parameters across thousands of network devices, and conducts an informal longitudinal evaluation of the system to better understand which proposed visualization techniques were most useful in the target environment. Expand
Incremental Layout in DynaDAG
  • S. North
  • Computer Science
  • Graph Drawing
  • 20 September 1995
DynaDAG is described, a new heuristic for incremental layout of directed acyclic graphs drawn as hierarchies, and its application in the DynaGraph system. Expand
Multilevel agglomerative edge bundling for visualizing large graphs
This work proposes a multilevel agglomerative edge bundling method based on a principled approach of minimizing ink needed to represent edges, with additional constraints on the curvature of the resulting splines. Expand