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Relation between perceived driving disability and scores of vision screening tests
Vision screening tests correlate well with perceived driving disabilities, especially when a subtraction method is used in the questionnaire to reveal condition dependent disabilities.
[Integration of the active middle ear implant Vibrant Soundbridge in total auricular reconstruction].
The integration of active middle ear implants in auricular reconstruction opens up a new approach in complete hearing rehabilitation for patients with high-grade microtia and atresia.
[Auricular reconstruction for severe microtia. Schedule of treatment, operative strategy, and modifications].
The present paper describes background information, the interdisciplinary schedule of treatment, and the results of the operative strategy in two to three steps using autologous rib cartilage, and expands on anomalous cases of microtia which require a modified procedure.
Borderline Indications for Ear Reconstruction
While the indication for an ear reconstruction with rib cartilage is clear in pediatric patients and patients without previous surgery, there are borderline cases in which neither a reconstruction
[Epidemiology of auricular trauma].
Mainly younger and active groups of the population are affected by ear trauma, and it is of particular concern in the acute setting to select those therapeutic options that have turned out good aesthetic and functional results in the long-term perspective.
Influence of silicone gel on standardized postoperative scars
This prospective and standardized study investigates silicone gel in the preventive treatment of scars by investigating the likely mechanism of action is the hydration of the tissue.
[Automobile drivers with retinal diseases - a prospective analysis].
The legal requirements for visual acuity, as currently valid in Austria and Germany for driving motor vehicles, are compared with the results found in this patients cohort and it seems possible to suggest a suitable time for a legally mandatory eye examination as to identify subjects with a potentially rising higher accident risk when driving.