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Implementation of a combined SAXS/WAXS/QEXAFS set-up for time-resolved in situexperiments.
It has previously been shown that there are many benefits to be obtained in combining several techniques in one in situ set-up to study chemical processes in action. Many of these combined set-upsExpand
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The sonochemical preparation of tungsten oxide nanoparticles
Amorphous tungsten oxide has been prepared by ultrasound irradiation of a solution of tungsten hexacarbonyl W(CO)6 in diphenylmethane (DPhM) in the presence of an Ar (80%)–O2 (20%) gaseous mixtureExpand
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Influence of gamma irradiation on hydrophobic room-temperature ionic liquids [BuMeIm]PF6 and [BuMeIm](CF3SO2)2N.
Stability of neat hydrophobic Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTIL) [BuMeIm]X, where [BuMeIm]+ is 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium and X- is PF6-, and (CF3SO2)2N-, was studied under gamma radiolysisExpand
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Effect of operational conditions on sonoluminescence and kinetics of H2O2 formation during the sonolysis of water in the presence of Ar/O2 gas mixture.
Ultrasonic frequency is a key parameter determining multibubble sonoluminescence (MBSL) spectra of water saturated with Ar/O2 gas mixtures. At 20 kHz, the MBSL is quenched by oxygen. By contrast, atExpand
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Formation of higher chloride complexes of Np(IV) and Pu(IV) in water-stable room-temperature ionic liquid [BuMeIm][Tf2N].
A UV/vis/near-IR spectroscopic study shows that in [BuMeIm][(CF3SO2)2N] hydrophobic room-temperature ionic liquid solutions, [BuMeIm]2[AnCl6] complexes, where BuMeIm+ is 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazoliumExpand
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Spectroscopy of Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry in Water Saturated with N2-Ar Mixtures.
Sonoluminescence spectra in relation with sonochemical activity of water sparged with Ar/N2 gas mixtures were systematically studied at two ultrasonic frequencies (20 and 359 kHz). At 20 kHz, solelyExpand
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Potential applications of sonochemistry in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing: a short review.
The industrial treatment of spent nuclear fuel is based upon a hydrometallurgical process in nitric acid medium. In order to minimize the volume of radioactive waste it seems interesting to generateExpand
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Toward a new paradigm for sonochemistry: Short review on nonequilibrium plasma observations by means of MBSL spectroscopy in aqueous solutions.
This review summarizes recent studies of multibubble sonoluminescence (MBSL) in aqueous media in order to highlight new insights into the origin of the sonochemical activity. The observation ofExpand
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Sonochemical water splitting in the presence of powdered metal oxides.
Kinetics of hydrogen formation was explored as a new chemical dosimeter allowing probing the sonochemical activity of argon-saturated water in the presence of micro- and nano-sized metal oxideExpand
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Sonocatalytic degradation of oxalic acid in the presence of oxygen and Pt/TiO2
Abstract In order to treat aqueous effluents containing organic pollutants, several techniques can be considered depending on the organic compound concentration. Sonochemistry appears to be aExpand
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