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Mueller matrices in fluorescence scattering.
A reappraisal of the 1929 analysis of luminescence by Soleillet reveals the form of the Mueller matrix for fluorescence scattering whose parameters are directly defined in terms of the now-familiarExpand
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Model for photoinduced bending of slender molecular crystals.
The growing realization that photoinduced bending of slender photoreactive single crystals is surprisingly common has inspired researchers to control crystal motility for actuation. However, newExpand
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Measurement of transmission and reflection from a thick anisotropic crystal modeled by a sum of incoherent partial waves.
Formulas for modeling ellipsometric measurements of bianisotropic crystals assume perfectly coherent plane wave illumination. As such, the finite coherence of typical spectroscopic ellipsometersExpand
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Well Plate Circular Dichroism Reader for the Rapid Determination of Enantiomeric Excess.
Circular dichroism (CD) spectropolarimeters typically employ one photoelastic modulator. However, spectropolarimeters employing two or even four modulators are more versatile and can be used toExpand
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Complete polarimetry on the asymmetric transmission through subwavelength hole arrays.
Dissymmetric, periodically nanostructured metal films can show non-reciprocal transmission of polarized light, in apparent violation of the Lorentz reciprocity theorem. The wave vector dependence ofExpand
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Gyration and Permittivity of Ethylenediammonium Sulfate Crystals.
Ethylenediammonium sulfate (EDS) crystals were grown from aqueous solution and cleaved into thin (100-500 micron) plates. The 422 point group of EDS was confirmed by X-ray diffraction. TheExpand
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Partially coherent light propagation in stratified media containing an optically thick anisotropic layer
Abstract Methods used to compute the reflection or transmission Mueller matrix of stratified media assume light is a monochromatic plane wave, but measurements with spectroscopic devices invariablyExpand
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Transmission ellipsometry of anisotropic substrates and thin films at oblique incidence. Handling multiple reflections
Abstract Transmission ellipsometry is a technique that is very sensitive to the anisotropy of a material. At large angles of incidence it is also very sensitive to the change of the refractive indexExpand
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Double cone of eigendirections in optically active ethylenediammonium selenate crystals.
Circular birefringence (CB) is generally responsible for only a small perturbation to the state of light polarization in crystals that also exhibit linear birefringence (LB). As such, theExpand
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Relation between 2D/3D chirality and the appearance of chiroptical effects in real nanostructures.
The optical activity of fabricated metallic nanostructures is investigated by complete polarimetry. While lattices decorated with nanoscale gammadia etched in thin metallic films have been describedExpand
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