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A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Color Image Segmentation
The outcomes show that the proposed approach can obtain non-dominated and near-optimal segment solutions satisfying several criteria simultaneously and can also find the correct number of segments automatically. Expand
Detection of Safe Angle for Water Vehicles due to Vulnerable Swing
A method to compute the optimal safe position for water vehicles during instability caused by the vulnerable swing is proposed, and it is found that this method is computationally efficient and is suitable for on-board real-time implementation as well as autonomous marine robotic vehicles. Expand
Learning a ranking function for information retrieval using HybridABC
The results display that the proposed HybridABC can compete and in many cases more efficient than other state-of-the-art algorithm proposed in ranking web pages based on Genetic Algorithm (GA). Expand
Towards devising a solution for generating an alarm in a vehicle on waterways experiencing vulnerable swing
This paper measures horizontal and vertical angles and proposes a technique, which can raise an alarm after reaching a risky level of swing during the brutal current, and determines the swing, i.e., the angles, using a 3-axis accelerometer. Expand
Predicting earthquakes through digging satellite data
Earthquake is, perhaps, still considered as the foremost unpredictable natural disaster experienced to date. Even though, predicting an earthquake remains an elusive goal to scientists over the lastExpand
Template-Based Space-Saving Approach for SMS Storage in A Server
This paper introduces a template-oriented SMS storage system based on a graph-theoretic approach, which reduces storage space requirements significantly and is the first to propose such a space-saving system for storing SMSs. Expand
Automatic Document Feeding Scanner: A Low Cost Approach
In this paper, a new method to build a low cost automatic document feeding scanner is proposed and the performance of the proposed scanner is compared with other scanners available in market and it is found that the scanners output is similar to them. Expand