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Anisotropic wetting of microstructured surfaces as a function of surface chemistry.
In order to study the influence of surface chemistry on the wetting of structured surfaces, microstructures consisting of grooves or squares were produced via hot embossing ofExpand
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Functional Polymer Structures
Polymer micro- and nanografting is introduced in the context of different methods to locally endow polymers with selected functionalities. The second part of the chapter gives an introduction toExpand
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Synthesis of diacetylene-containing peptide building blocks and amphiphiles, their self-assembly and topochemical polymerization in organic solvents.
A series of functional iodoacetylenes was prepared and converted into the corresponding diacetylene-substituted amino acids and peptides via Pd/Cu-promoted sp-sp carbon cross-coupling reactions. TheExpand
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Versatile wettability gradients prepared by chemical modification of polymer brushes on polymer foils.
A method to create a wettability gradient by variation of the chemical functionality in a polymer brush is presented. A poly(N-methyl-vinylpyridinium) (QP4VP) brush was created on aExpand
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Functionalization of fluoropolymer surfaces with nanopatterned polyelectrolyte brushes
Abstract We present a strategy to combine the excellent bulk properties of fluoropolymer substrates with the wide range of functionalities of surface-grafted polyelectrolyte brushes. Patterns ofExpand
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Functionalization of Fluropolymers and Polyolefins via Grafting of Polyelectrolyte Brushes From Atmospheric‐Pressure Plasma Activated Surfaces
ETFE, PE, and PP surfaces were functionalized by a procedure involving the activation of the substrates with cold, atmospheric-pressure helium plasma, formation of surface-bound peroxides in air, andExpand
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Polymer-on-Polymer Structures Based on Radiation Grafting
Radiation grafting—a process comprising radiation-induced formation of radicals in polymer substrates followed by a graft polymerization of a selected monomer—is an attractive way to endow polymersExpand
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Characterization Challenges of Micro- and Nanografted Polymer Systems
This chapter discusses challenges for the application of analytical tools for the characterization of grafted polymer structures on polymeric substrates. The chapter presents strategies to overcomeExpand
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Functional Polymer-on-Polymer Structures
Routes toward functional polymer-on-polymer structures and their properties are described in this chapter. The first section focuses on the chemical functionality of grafted polymer structures.Expand