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Effects of rice straw and nitrogen fertilization on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in tropical flooded soil planted with rice
Abstract Effects of four years of inorganic and organic nitrogen (N) management on the emission of three major greenhouse gases (GHGs): methane (CH 4 ), carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and nitrous oxide (N 2Expand
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In recent years, with the increase awareness towards environmental degradation due to the production, use and disposal of ChloroFluoro Carbons (CFCs) and Hydro Chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) as heatExpand
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Impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on soil C and N dynamics in relation to CH4 and N2O emissions from tropical flooded rice (Oryza sativa L.).
A field experiment was carried out to investigate the impact of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) (CEC, 550 μmol mol(-1)) and elevated CO2+elevated air temperature (CECT, 550 μmol mol(-1) and 2°C moreExpand
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Influence of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on belowground carbon allocation and enzyme activities in tropical flooded soil planted with rice
Changes in the soil labile carbon fractions and soil biochemical properties to elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature reflect the changes in the functional capacity of soil ecosystems. TheExpand
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Combined effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on dry matter production, net assimilation rate, C and N allocations in tropical rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Abstract A field experiment was carried out for 3 years to observe the effects of ambient CO2 (390 μmol mol−1 in open field (UC) as well as control chamber (CC)), elevated CO2 (EC) (550 μmol mol−1)Expand
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Effect of long-term application of organic amendment on C storage in relation to global warming potential and biological activities in tropical flooded soil planted to rice
The impact of long term organic amendments on the functional microbial activities, soil carbon (C) storage in relation to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from rice field was investigated in a tropicalExpand
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Net ecosystem CO2 exchange and carbon cycling in tropical lowland flooded rice ecosystem
The seasonal fluxes of CO2 and its characteristics with relation to environmental variables were investigated under tropical lowland flooded rice paddies employing the open path eddy covarianceExpand
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Soil respiration, labile carbon pools, and enzyme activities as affected by tillage practices in a tropical rice–maize–cowpea cropping system
In order to identify the viable option of tillage practices in rice–maize–cowpea cropping system that could cut down soil carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, sustain grain yield, and maintain better soilExpand
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Gross primary production , ecosystem respiration and net ecosystem exchange in Asian rice paddy : an eddy covariance-based approach
Carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange between the terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere is one of the major processes affecting atmospheric CO2 concentration. In various ecosystems in the world long-termExpand
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Reuse of fly ash and bottom ash in mortars with improved thermal conductivity performance for buildings
An approach towards effective utilization of fly ash and bottom ash in the construction of energy efficient buildings has been presented in this paper. Two masonry mortar grades MM3 and MM5 wereExpand
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