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Reaction of ozone with hydrogen peroxide (peroxone process): a revision of current mechanistic concepts based on thermokinetic and quantum-chemical considerations.
The reaction of ozone with the anion of H(2)O(2) (peroxone process) gives rise to (*)OH radicals (Staehelin, J.; Hoigne, J. Environ. Sci. Technol. 1982, 16, 676-681). Thermokinetic considerations nowExpand
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Exploration of molecular dynamics during transient sorption of fluids in mesoporous materials
In recent years, considerable progress has been made in the development of novel porous materials with controlled architectures and pore sizes in the mesoporous range. An important feature of theseExpand
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The reaction of ozone with the hydroxide ion: mechanistic considerations based on thermokinetic and quantum chemical calculations and the role of HO4- in superoxide dismutation.
The reaction of OH(-) with O(3) eventually leads to the formation of *OH radicals. In the original mechanistic concept (J. Staehelin, J. Hoigné, Environ. Sci. Technol. 1982, 16, 676-681), it wasExpand
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Charge transport and mass transport in imidazolium-based ionic liquids.
The mechanism of charge transport in the imidazolium-based ionic liquid 1,3-dimethylimidazolium dimethylphosphate is analyzed by combining broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) and pulsed fieldExpand
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Electrical conductivity and translational diffusion in the 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid.
Broadband dielectric and terahertz spectroscopy (10(-2)-10(+12) Hz) are combined with pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (PFG-NMR) to explore charge transport and translationalExpand
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Diffusion in ionic liquids: the interplay between molecular structure and dynamics
Diffusion in a series of ionic liquids is investigated by a combination of Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) and Pulsed Field Gradient Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (PFG NMR). It is demonstratedExpand
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Single-particle and ensemble diffusivities--test of ergodicity.
Diffusion is the irregular, omnipresent motion of the elementary constituents of matter. It is prerequisite for life quite in general and key to innumerable processes in nature and technology. AfterExpand
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Charge Transport and Dipolar Relaxations in Hyperbranched Polyamide Amines
Broadband dielectric spectroscopy, pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (PFG NMR), and differential scanning calorimetry are combined to study charge transport and dipolar relaxations inExpand
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Degradation of perfluorinated compounds by sulfate radicals - New mechanistic aspects and economical considerations.
Perfluorinated organic compounds (PFC) are an important group of pollutants, which are difficult to be degraded in conventional water treatment. Even hydroxyl radical based processes are not capableExpand
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Pulsed field gradient NMR study of surface diffusion in mesoporous adsorbents
Surface diffusion of n-heptane in two mesoporous adsorbents with different morphologies of the pore network, namely Vycor random porous glass and porous silicon with linear pores, have been studiedExpand
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