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Mechanistic studies on degradation in sliding wear behavior of IN718 and Hastelloy X superalloys at 500 °C
Abstract This technical paper deals with high temperature dry sliding wear behavior and its mechanism of Inconel 718 and Hastelloy X alloys. The sliding wear behavior of the Inconel 718 alloy andExpand
Investigation on Sliding Wear Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Jatropha Oil Cake-Filled Glass-Epoxy Composites
The effect of Jatropha oil cake (JOC) filler incorporation into glass fabric-epoxy (G-E) composites and its sliding wear and mechanical properties were evaluated. The sliding distance and appliedExpand
High temperature sliding wear behavior of press-extruded AA6061/fly ash composite
Abstract The effect of fly ash particulate on high temperature dry sliding wear resistance of AA6061, developed by powder metallurgy and hot extrusion, was studied. The dry sliding wear behavior ofExpand
Abrasive wear behaviour of hard powders filled glass fabric–epoxy hybrid composites
Abstract The effect of incorporation of tungsten carbide (WC) and tantalum niobium carbide (Ta/NbC) powders on three-body abrasive wear behaviour in glass fabric–epoxy (G–E) composites wasExpand
Solid Particle Erosion of UHMWPE Filled Aramid Fabric-Epoxy Hybrid Composites
The effect of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) on solid particle erosion behaviour of aramid fabric reinforced-epoxy (A-E) hybrid composites was investigated. The aramid fabricExpand
Investigation on Two-Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Silicon Carbide Filled Glass Fabric-Epoxy Composites
The effect of silicon carbide (SiC) particulate fillers incorporation on two-body abrasive wear behaviour of Glass Fabric - Epoxy (GE) composites was investigated and findings are analysed. TheExpand
Degradation mechanism for high temperature erosion in surface modified IN718 superalloy
Abstract Nickel based superalloy, Inconel 718, is one of the main candidates for high temperature applications such as air craft, land base and marine turbines. This technical paper deals with highExpand
The role of synthetic and natural fillers on three‐body abrasive wear behaviour of glass fabric–epoxy hybrid composites
Polymer matrix composites are a promising candidate in tribological applications due to possibility of tailoring their properties with special fillers. The comparative performance of Glass–EpoxyExpand
Sliding wear behaviour and its mechanisms of carbonitrided AISI 8620 steel at 100°C under unlubricated conditions
This paper deals with high temperature dry sliding wear behaviour and its mechanism of carbonitrided AISI 8620 steel. The sliding wear behaviour of the carbonitrided AISI 8620 steel was investigatedExpand
High-Temperature Erosion and its Mechanisms of Hastelloy X Superalloy under Hot Air Jet Conditions
Hastelloy X is a nickel-based superalloy, widely used in high temperature applications such as aircraft and land-based turbines. This technical paper deals with the high temperature erosionExpand