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There Are No Old Media
Despite its ubiquity in scholarly and popular publications, relatively few attempts have been made to interrogate the meanings and implications of the notion of “old media.” This article discussesExpand
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The web will kill them all: new media, digital utopia, and political struggle in the Italian 5-Star Movement
This article examines the role of discourses about new media technology and the web in the rise of the 5-Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, or M5S) in Italy. Founded by comedian and activist BeppeExpand
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A short history of superimposition: From spirit photography to early cinema
As several scholars have noted, the use of superimposition effects in cinema to conjure such apparitions as ghosts, fairies, devils, and other fantastic creatures finds a significant precedent inExpand
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Photography and Communication Media in the Nineteenth Century
The increasing interest in media history within the academic world has not yet resulted in an intensive examination of the relationship between photography and communications media. This articleExpand
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Paratesticular mammary‐type myofibroblastoma
matous vs. 32.27% for nonseminomatous, P-value 1⁄4 0.013). Mean p53 values, although not statistically significant, were also elevated in patients not responding to cisplatin-based chemotherapyExpand
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Spreading the Spirit Word: Print Media, Storytelling, and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism
Spiritualists in the nineteenth century gave much emphasis to the collection of evidences of scientific meaning. During seances, they used instruments similar to those employed in scientific practiceExpand
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Imagining the thinking machine: Technological myths and the rise of artificial intelligence
This article discusses the role of technological myths in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies from 1950s to the early 1970s. It shows how the rise of AI was accompanied byExpand
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Media and the Imaginary in History
This paper discusses how media theory and history should approach specimens of evidence about the cultural reception of media pertaining to the realms of the fantastic, such as speculations,Expand
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Media Fantasies. The History of Media and the Challenge of the Imaginary
One of the most fascinating and challenging questions for historians of communications media concerns the way technology stimulates expectations, fears, beliefs, and visions. Which is the role ofExpand
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Introduction: new media and the imagination of the future
Predictions and forecasts play a paramount role in contemporary societies. Expand
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