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Comparison of clinical efficacies of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, retinol and their combination in acne treatment
Acne vulgaris impairs the appearance of an individual and causes psychological irritation. Inflammatory acne lesion is caused by multifactor incorporates in each step of acne pathogenesis. In anExpand
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Characteristics of cannabinoids composition of Cannabis plants grown in Northern Thailand and its forensic application.
The Thai government has recognized the possibility for legitimate cultivation of hemp. Further study of certain cannabinoid characteristics is necessary in establishing criteria for regulation ofExpand
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Protective Effect of Cleistocalyx nervosum var. paniala Fruit Extract against Oxidative Renal Damage Caused by Cadmium
Cadmium nephrotoxicity is a serious environmental health problem as it will eventually end up with end stage renal disease. The pathobiochemical mechanism of this toxic heavy metal is related toExpand
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Classification of Cannabis Plants Grown in Northern Thailand using Physico-Chemical Properties
The Thai government has recognized that hemp may make useful contributions to the economy as an alternative crop. This study was conducted to provide information in both chemical and physicalExpand
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Determination of D-saccharic acid-1 , 4-lactone ( DSL ) in fermentation tea ( Kombucha ) by capillary electrophoresis
  • S. Natakankitkul, Sakunnee Bovonsombutb, Chatchai Kitipornchaib, Suwalee Kiatkarunc
  • 2015
Kombucha or fermentation tea beverage produced from symbiosis of yeast species and acetic acid bacteria, is a popularly health tonic around the world today. D-saccharic acid-1,4-lactone (DSL), aExpand
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Sequential injection analysis for the determination of fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug residues by using eosin Y as complexing agent.
A sequential injection analysis (SIA) method was developed for the rapid and sensitive determination of fluoroquinolone residues, including norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin, in fishExpand
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The innovation of functional foods in Asia: IFFA 2018.
Functional foods (FF) are commonly consumed by Asians, and this trend has increased in recent years. Despite the reported health benefits of FF, it is necessary scrutiny and updates of theExpand
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Physico-Chemical Profiles of Methamphetamine Tablets
Increases in abuse of methamphetamine tablets (known as "Yaba") have been reported throughout the past decade and today, the problem of methamphetamine abuse in Thailand is recognized as massive. ItExpand
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Anticancer and Antibacterial Activities of the Isolated Compounds from Solanum spirale Roxb. Leaves
The isolations of active anticancer compounds from Solanum spirale Roxb., collected from Phayao Province, Thailand are rarely reported. The anticancer activities of hexane and methanol extracts ofExpand
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Chemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activity of Volatile Oils of Combretum latifolium Bl. and C. quadrangulare Kurz Leaves
The volatile constituents from leaves of Combretum latifolium Bl. and Combretum quadrangulare Kurz (Combretaceae) were obtained by hydrodistil- lation and analyzed by GC-MS. From the leaf oil, weExpand
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