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Water content in natural eclogite and implication for water transport into the deep upper mantle
Abstract Infrared spectroscopy and ion micro-probe measurements showed that the major constituent minerals of eclogites from the Kokchetav massif, which have been subducted to ∼180 km depths, contain
Water in Earth's Lower Mantle
Secondary ion mass spectrometry measurements show that Earth's representative lower mantle minerals synthesized in a natural peridotitic composition can dissolve considerable amounts of hydrogen.
Hydroxyl in clinopyroxene from the deep subducted crust: Evidence for H2O transport into the mantle
Abstract Clinopyroxenes in eclogites from the deep subducted crust in the Kokchetav, Kazakhstan, ultrahigh- pressure metamorphic terrane were found by infrared spectroscopy to contain up to 3020 ppm
Micro-FTIR spectroscopic signatures of Bacterial lipids in Proterozoic microfossils
The results indicate that Proterozoic microfossils belong to Bacteria, which is consistent with the cyanobacterial origin inferred from morphology, and the R3/2 value of fossilized cell would reflect chemical composition of its precursor membrane lipid, thus could be a useful new tracer for distinguishing Archaea, Bacteria.
Permeability measurements of natural and experimental volcanic materials with a simple permeameter: Toward an understanding of magmatic degassing processes
Abstract Permeability measurement of quenched volcanic porous materials is an important approach to understand permeability development and degassing of vesicular silicic magmas. In this study, we
Determination of molar absorptivity of IR fundamental OH-stretching vibration in rhyolitic glasses
Abstract Molar absorptivity of the infrared (IR) fundamental OH-stretching vibration band at 3550 cm-1 was determined for rhyolitic glasses. Five obsidian samples, unheated and heated at 500-700 °C
A systematic treatment of diffusion of ions in rock pore water is presented in order to provide data suitable for quantitatively addressing water-rock interaction problems including the influence of
Three differentiation stages of a single magma at Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Reunion hot spot)
We present major element and volatile concentration analyses in melt and gas inclusions from two recent picrite eruptions (February 2005 and December 2005) at Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La
High temperature infrared spectra of hydrous microcrystalline quartz
Abstract A series of in-situ high temperature infrared (IR) measurements of water in an agate sample and in a milky quartz has been conducted in order to understand the nature of water in silica at
Infrared microspectroscopy analysis of water distribution in deformed and metamorphosed rocks
Infrared microspectroscopy has been applied to thin sections of various deformed and metamorphosed rocks in order to investigate water content of quartz in these rocks. The broad IR band absorbance