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Thermodynamic parameters to predict stability of RNA/DNA hybrid duplexes.
The thermodynamic parameters (delta H degree, delta S degree, and delta G degree 37) for 16 nearest-neighbor sets and one initiation factor are presented here in order to predict stability of RNA/DNAExpand
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Improved thermodynamic parameters and helix initiation factor to predict stability of DNA duplexes.
To improve the previous DNA/DNA nearest-neighbor parameters, thermodynamic parameters (deltaH degrees, deltaS degrees and deltaG degrees) of 50 DNA/DNA duplexes were measured. Enthalpy change of aExpand
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General acid-base catalysis in the mechanism of a hepatitis delta virus ribozyme.
Many protein enzymes use general acid-base catalysis as a way to increase reaction rates. The amino acid histidine is optimized for this function because it has a pK(a) (where K(a) is the acidExpand
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Nucleic acid duplex stability: influence of base composition on cation effects.
The effects of counter ion on a nucleic acid duplex stability were investigated. Since a linear free energy relationship for the thermostability of oligonucleotide duplexes between those in 1 M andExpand
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Thermodynamics-structure relationship of single mismatches in RNA/DNA duplexes.
Thermodynamics of 66 RNA/DNA duplexes containing single mismatches were measured by UV melting methods. Stability enhancements for rG. dT mismatches were the largest of all mismatches examined here,Expand
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Mechanistic characterization of the HDV genomic ribozyme: assessing the catalytic and structural contributions of divalent metal ions within a multichannel reaction mechanism.
Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) uses genomic and antigenomic ribozymes in its replication cycle. We examined ribozyme self-cleavage over eight orders of magnitude of Mg(2+) concentration, fromExpand
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Temperature dependence of thermodynamic properties for DNA/DNA and RNA/DNA duplex formation.
A clear difference in the enthalpy changes derived from spectroscopic and calorimetric measurements has recently been shown. The exact interpretation of this deviation varied from study to study, butExpand
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The effect of molecular crowding with nucleotide length and cosolute structure on DNA duplex stability.
The thermodynamics of DNA duplex structures in the presence of high concentrations of cosolutes in solution were investigated to discern nucleic acid structures and functions in living cells. In theExpand
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A new 1 m telescope for space debris survey observations
Abstract The wide-field 1 m telescope with ten 2k × 4k CCD chips was set up at the Bisei Spaceguard Center in Okayama prefecture, Japan. The Japan Spaceguard Association started to make space debrisExpand
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