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Topological Thouless pumping of ultracold fermions
Charge transport in a cyclically time-modulated periodic potential, also known as a topological Thouless pump, has been realized in an ultracold gas of fermionic atoms. An electron gas in a
Coherent driving and freezing of bosonic matter wave in an optical Lieb lattice
This work reports the realization of a “Lieb lattice” configuration with an optical lattice, which has a flat energy band as the first excited state, and investigates the inter-sublattice dynamics of the system by projecting the sublattices population onto the band population.
Measurement of Universal Thermodynamic Functions for a Unitary Fermi Gas
The thermodynamic properties of matter generally depend on the details of interactions between its constituent parts, but in a unitary Fermi gas where the scattering length diverges, thermodynamics is determined through universal functions that depend only on the particle density and temperature.
Nonuniversal Efimov atom-dimer resonances in a three-component mixture of 6Li.
T theoretical models that characterize the nonuniversal three-body physics of three-component 6Li atoms in the low-energy domain are constructed and found that the locations of these peaks disagree with universal theory predictions, in a way that cannot be explained by nonuniversal two-body properties.
Observation of the Mott insulator to superfluid crossover of a driven-dissipative Bose-Hubbard system
The controllability of the dissipation is highlighted by quenching the Dissipation, providing a novel method for investigating a quantum many-body state and its nonequilibrium dynamics.
Measurement of an Efimov trimer binding energy in a three-component mixture of 6Li.
It is found that the measurement results shift significantly with temperature, but that the shift becomes negligible at the lowest temperature in the authors' experiment.
On Properties of Optimal Paths in First-Passage Percolation
  • S. Nakajima
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Statistical Physics
  • 12 September 2017
In this paper, we study some properties of optimal paths in the first passage percolation on $$\mathbb {Z}^d$$Zd and show the following: (i) the number of optimal paths has an exponentially growth if
Collisional properties of p-wave Feshbach molecules.
P-wave Feshbach molecules for all three combinations of the two lowest hyperfine spin states of 6Li and the elastic collision rate from the thermalization rate of a breathing mode which was excited spontaneously upon molecular formation is measured.
Scanning Gate Microscope for Cold Atomic Gases.
A scanning probe microscopy technique for spatially resolving transport in cold atomic gases, in close analogy with scanning gate microscopy in semiconductor physics, that demonstrates a spatial resolution comparable to the extent of the transverse wave function of the atoms inside the channel and a position sensitivity below 10 nm.
Fluctuations of two-dimensional stochastic heat equation and KPZ equation in subcritical regime for general initial conditions
The solution of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation (KPZ equation) is solved formally via Cole-Hopf transformation h = log u, where u is the solution of multiplicative stochastic heat equation(SHE). In