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Geological and Mineralogical Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Mossbauer spectroscopy is a useful analytical tool in earth sciences. It is applicable to elements having Mossbauer-active isotopes like iron, tin and gold, etc. It gives information about theExpand
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Cross Section Measurements of Neutron Induced Reactions on the Zirconium Isotopes in the Energy Range of 5.4 to 12.3 MeV
Cross sections were determined for the reactions 90Zr(n,α)87mSr, 90Zr(n,p)90mY, 91Zr(n,p)91mY, 92Zr(n,p)92Y, 94Zr(n,α)91Sr, 94Zr(n,p)94Y and 96Zr(n,2n)95Zr using the foil activation technique.Expand
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Silica-supported zirconocene catalysts : Preparation, characterization and activity in ethylene polymerization
Abstract Supported catalysts for ethylene polymerization have been prepared by interaction of Cp2ZrX2 (Cp=η5-C5H5, X=Cl or CH3) with silica chemically modified by (CH3)3SiCl (TMCS) orExpand
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New enantiopure binaphthyl-cinchona thiosquaramides: synthesis and application for enantioselective organocatalysis
This work presents the first successful applications of cinchona-thiosquaramides in asymmetric reactions. Binaphthyl-cinchona squaramides and thiosquaramides were synthesised, and then used asExpand
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Improving γ-radiation stability of PVC : A review
PVC has a significant tendency to degrade under γ irradiation. Therefore, considerable efforts have been made to improve its γ-radiation stability. The purpose of this review is to summarize recentExpand
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Sterical effects of encapsulation on some cobalt complexes built up in zeolite Y – A Mössbauer emission spectroscopy study
Mössbauer emission spectroscopy revealed effects of encapsulation on 2,2′-bipyridine and 1,10-phenantroline complexes of 57Co2+ synthesized in the supercages of zeolite Y. The tris coordinatedExpand
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The magnetization of dense aggregated dipolar fluids
The magnetization for dipolar fluids is studied treated separately at low and high external magnetic field. Canonical ensemble Monte Carlo simulations have been performed in dipolar hard sphere fluidExpand
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