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High Gamma Power Is Phase-Locked to Theta Oscillations in Human Neocortex
We observed robust coupling between the high- and low-frequency bands of ongoing electrical activity in the human brain. In particular, the phase of the low-frequency theta (4 to 8 hertz) rhythmExpand
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Language Comprehension in Language-Learning Impaired Children Improved with Acoustically Modified Speech
A speech processing algorithm was developed to create more salient versions of the rapidly changing elements in the acoustic waveform of speech that have been shown to be deficiently processed byExpand
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Speech comprehension is correlated with temporal response patterns recorded from auditory cortex
Speech comprehension depends on the integrity of both the spectral content and temporal envelope of the speech signal. Expand
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Measuring functional connectivity using MEG: Methodology and comparison with fcMRI
Functional connectivity (FC) between brain regions is thought to be central to the way in which the brain processes information. Expand
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Modulation of the Auditory Cortex during Speech: An MEG Study
Several behavioral and brain imaging studies have demonstrated a significant interaction between speech perception and speech production. In this study, auditory cortical responses to speech wereExpand
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A New View of Automatic Relevance Determination
This paper furnishes an alternative means of expressing the ARD cost function using auxiliary functions that naturally addresses both of these issues. Expand
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Sensory Processing in Autism: A Review of Neurophysiologic Findings
Atypical sensory-based behaviors are a ubiquitous feature of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). In this article, we review the neural underpinnings of sensory processing in autism by reviewing theExpand
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Reconstructing spatio-temporal activities of neural sources using an MEG vector beamformer technique
The authors have developed a method suitable for reconstructing spatio-temporal activities of neural sources by using magnetoencephalogram (MEG) data using a vector-extended version of the Borgiotti-Kaplan beamformer. Expand
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Speech Production as State Feedback Control
Spoken language exists because of a remarkable neural process. Inside a speaker's brain, an intended message gives rise to neural signals activating the muscles of the vocal tract. The process isExpand
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Latent Variable Bayesian Models for Promoting Sparsity
We have examined sparsity-promoting cost functions that emerge from a simple latent variable Bayesian model, emphasizing the distinction between Type I (MAP estimation) and Type II (empirical Bayes) approaches, demonstrating that the former is actually a special limiting case of the latter. Expand
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