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High Gamma Power Is Phase-Locked to Theta Oscillations in Human Neocortex
We observed robust coupling between the high- and low-frequency bands of ongoing electrical activity in the human brain. In particular, the phase of the low-frequency theta (4 to 8 hertz) rhythmExpand
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Language Comprehension in Language-Learning Impaired Children Improved with Acoustically Modified Speech
A speech processing algorithm was developed to create more salient versions of the rapidly changing elements in the acoustic waveform of speech that have been shown to be deficiently processed byExpand
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Measuring functional connectivity using MEG: Methodology and comparison with fcMRI
Functional connectivity (FC) between brain regions is thought to be central to the way in which the brain processes information. Expand
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Modulation of the Auditory Cortex during Speech: An MEG Study
Several behavioral and brain imaging studies have demonstrated a significant interaction between speech perception and speech production. In this study, auditory cortical responses to speech wereExpand
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A New View of Automatic Relevance Determination
This paper furnishes an alternative means of expressing the ARD cost function using auxiliary functions that naturally addresses both of these issues. Expand
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Sensory Processing in Autism: A Review of Neurophysiologic Findings
Atypical sensory-based behaviors are a ubiquitous feature of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). In this article, we review the neural underpinnings of sensory processing in autism by reviewing theExpand
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Reconstructing spatio-temporal activities of neural sources using an MEG vector beamformer technique
The authors have developed a method suitable for reconstructing spatio-temporal activities of neural sources by using magnetoencephalogram (MEG) data using a vector-extended version of the Borgiotti-Kaplan beamformer. Expand
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Speech Production as State Feedback Control
Spoken language exists because of a remarkable neural process. Inside a speaker's brain, an intended message gives rise to neural signals activating the muscles of the vocal tract. The process isExpand
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Five-dimensional neuroimaging: Localization of the time–frequency dynamics of cortical activity
The spatiotemporal dynamics of cortical oscillations across human brain regions remain poorly understood because of a lack of adequately validated methods for reconstructing such activity from noninvasive electrophysiological data. Expand
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Iterative Reweighted 1 and 2 Methods for Finding Sparse Solutions
  • D. Wipf, S. Nagarajan
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE J. Sel. Top. Signal Process.
  • 22 February 2010
A variety of practical methods have recently been introduced for finding maximally sparse representations from overcomplete dictionaries, a central computational task in compressive sensing applications as well as numerous others. Expand
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