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Dynamic linking among neural oscillators leads to flexible pattern recognition with figure-ground separation
We propose a neural network model of visual pattern recognition that incorporates dynamic linking between two heterogeneous centers composed of nonlinear neural oscillators for figure formation and symbol representation. Expand
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Estimation of prey consumption of a mantid,Paratenodera angustipennis (S.) in a natural habitat
Using a relationship between prey consumption and growth rate, field prey consumption of adults ofParatenodera angustipennis (S.) in a paddy field was estimated. Since a great number of grasshoppersExpand
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Design theory and experiment of acousto-optical tunable filter by use of flexural waves applied to thin optical fiber
Spectral response of acoustically induced microbending through thin optical fiber is discussed from mode-coupling of core and cladding modes. The thin fiber is analyzed in three-layered structureExpand
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Characteristics and Applications of Hitachi H-25 Gas Turbine
OVERVIEW: More than 100 orders have been placed for Hitachi H-25 gas turbines from both Japan and various other countries, because of their exceptionally high reliability and efficiency in theirExpand
Active Detection of Anomalous Region as Primitive Processing for Visual Object Segregation
In this report, inspired by developmental vision researche, we propose a scheme to bootstrap the acquisition process initiated by the behavior-based visual segregation. Expand
Non-self-rejection by emergent structures on evolving networks of the spiking neurons
  • S. Nagai
  • Computer Science
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  • 1 June 2004
Generic network of the spiking neurons provides an enormous variety of spatio-temporal orders of activity patterns that could represent valid information. Expand
textile for marking and method of forming a brand
A textile (20) for marking comprising, in order: a fabric label (21) formed from a fiber; an intermediate layer (22) comprising a resin having a softening point of 180C or more; an adhesive transferExpand
Development of an adaptive cognitive training method using Near-InfraRed spectroscopy
We developed a system that changes the difficulty level of the task according to the results of the discrimination of brain activities during tasks. Expand