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In vivo protective effects of quercetin against sodium fluoride-induced oxidative stress in the hepatic tissue
Abstract The protective effects of quercetin against sodium fluoride induced oxidative stress were examined in rat’s liver. Rats were divided into five groups. The first group served as normal groupExpand
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Kaempferol and inflammation: From chemistry to medicine.
Inflammation is an important process of human healing response, wherein the tissues respond to injuries induced by many agents including pathogens. It is characterized by pain, redness and heat inExpand
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Genistein and cancer: current status, challenges, and future directions.
Primary prevention through lifestyle interventions is a cost-effective alternative for preventing a large burden of chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer, which is one of the leadingExpand
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Plants belonging to the genus Thymus as antibacterial agents: from farm to pharmacy.
In traditional medicine, plants have been used since ancient times for the prevention and/or protection against infectious diseases. In recent years, the use of herbal medicines and food supplementsExpand
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Exosome biogenesis, bioactivities and functions as new delivery systems of natural compounds.
A rapidly growing body of experimental evidence has begun to shed light on the wide ranging molecular mechanisms which modulate intra- and inter-cellular communications. A substantial quantity of theExpand
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Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of H. officinalis L. var. angustifolius, V. odorata, B. hyrcana and C. speciosum.
Extracts of 4 medicinal and aromatic plants were investigated for their antioxidant potency employing six various established in vitro system: H. officinalis L. var. angustifolius aerial parts, C.Expand
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Antihemolytic and antioxidant activities of Allium paradoxum
Antioxidant activity of the aerial part and bulbs of Allium paradoxum was investigated by eight in vitro assay systems. Extracts showed good antioxidant activity. IC50 for 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylExpand
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Berberine and neurodegeneration: A review of literature.
The excessive production of reactive oxygen species in nervous tissues is considered one of the major risk factors of neurodegenerative diseases. During the last two decades, much attention has beenExpand
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Phytochemicals for human disease: An update on plant-derived compounds antibacterial activity.
In recent years, many studies have shown that phytochemicals exert their antibacterial activity through different mechanisms of action, such as damage to the bacterial membrane and suppression ofExpand
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Role of quercetin as an alternative for obesity treatment: you are what you eat!
Obesity is one of the most serious global health problems, which increases the risk of other different chronic diseases. The crucial role of oxidative stress in the initiation and progression ofExpand
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