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The Talmud On Transitivity
Transitivity is a fundamental axiom in Economics that appears in consumer theory, decision under uncertainty, and social choice theory. While the appeal of transitivity is obvious, observed choicesExpand
The Book of Ezekiel
All probabilities are equal, but some probabilities are more equal than others
This work uses a non-expected utility model and shows that individuals have preferences over the different procedures, based on the observation that multistage lotteries are not considered indifferent to their probabilistic one-stage representations. Expand
Reception, in Rabbinic Judaism
Ranking Ranking Rules
Abstract Transitivity is a fundamental requirement for consistency. Legal systems, especially when composed over time and by different agencies, may encounter non-transitive cycles, in which by oneExpand
Deuteronomy 19:15–19 in the Damascus Document and Early Midrash
Abstract Damascus Document 9:16–10:3—the sectarian rule of testimony—presents serious difficulties that have challenged scholars for years. In light of the evidence from Qumran Cave 4, we suggest anExpand