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Upaya Penanggulangan Tindak Pidana Pembuangan Bayi Di Kabupaten Boyolali
Child is a person under 18, including an unborn child. Any acts that may interfere with the rights of the child may be punishable by law in force. Currently, many cases of baby disposal in
Penerapan Diversi Tindak Pidana Pencurian yang dilakukan Anak di Bawah Umur(Studi Kasus Polres Sragen)
This study aims to determine the application and implementation of diversions carried out by the Sragen District Police in handling criminal acts of theft committed by minors. The research method
Upaya Penindakan oleh Kepolisian Terhadap Penyalahgunaan Minuman Keras Oleh Remaja pada saat diadakannya Hiburan Musik Dangdut di Kabupaten Kudus (Studi Kasus di Polres Kudus)
The phenomenon that has occurred in teenagers who do alcohol abuse, demanding the Police to perform its functions and duties as law enforcement officers to carry out their obligations in accordance
Perlindungan Hukum terhadap Anak yang Melakukan Tindak Pidana (Studi Kasus Polres Wonogiri)
This research was conducted to find out the form of legal protection given to children who commit criminal acts. Form of the protection law which give to kids that do a criminal act is
Peran Dinas PPKB dan P3a dalam Alternatif Penanganan Anak Berhadapan dengan Hukum Melalui Restorative Justice (Studi Dinas Pengendalian Penduduk Keluarga Berencana dan Pemberdayaan Perempuan
The purpose of this study are the procedure for the implementation of restorative justice in the alternative handling of children dealing with the law by the Office of PPKB and P3A, a factor that
Pemidanaan Terhadap Anak Sebagai Pelaku Tindak Pidana Secara Berulang (Residivis)(Studi Kasus di Pengadilan Negeri Surakarta Klas 1A Khusus)
Children as a perpetrators of crime clans that their rights is obligated to be protected, because the children have not to be fully responsible for what he did yet, even though crime has been
Upaya Kepolisian Dalam Menanggulangi Tindak Pidana Perjudian Togel (Studi Upaya Polres Magetan dalam Penanggulangan Perjudian Togel di Wilayah Magetan)
This study aims to determine the efforts made by the police to overcome the crime of lottery’s gambling in the area of Magetan police station and also to find out the obstacles faced by the police in
Pertanggungjawaban Pidana Pelaku Tindak Pidana Aborsi(Analisis Putusan No. 122/Pid.B/2014/Pn.Tmg)
Abortion is the outcome of a premature conception or pregnancy of less than 20 weeks. Discussing the problem of abortion is a secret and taboo already. Currently, abortion is a rempant crime
Implementasi Restorative Justice Dalam Tindak Pidana Pencurian Oleh Anak (Studi Kasus di Polresta Surakarta)
This research is conducted by the authors to know the stage of the process of diversion process conducted by the Police of the Republic of Indonesia Resort Surakarta City especially in the case of
Implementasi Kewenangan Kepolisian Dalam Penanggulangan Beredarnya Miras(Studi Kasus Di Sukoharjo)
The circulation of alcohol in Indonesia is increasingly concerned and with still sellers and buyers of liquor then the Police Com as one of the law enforcement agencies in Indonesia to do their duty and authority in preventing the community itself so as not to sell and buy alcohol.