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Environmental physiology of raft-grown mussels in Goa, India
Abstract Mussels ( Perna viridis L.) transplanted from a marine intertidal region and grown under water in the estuarine environment (on a floating raft) display a wide array of physiologicalExpand
Changes in the soft-bottom macrobenthic diversity and community structure from the ports of Mumbai, India
Soft-bottom macrobenthic diversity and community structure were assessed at Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru ports during three different periods between 2001 and 2002 (November 2001 post-monsoon 1,Expand
Macrobenthos of the shelf off north eastern Bay of Bengal
An extensive survey .(76,363 km2) of shelf benthos along the north east coast of India revealed that the macrobenthic production is rich and is comparable with that of the west coast. The biomass andExpand
Studies on Sublittoral Macrobenthic Fauna of the Inner Swansea Bay
Sublittoral benthic macrofauna ofInner Swansea Bay, a shallow industrialized embayment on the north side ofthe Bristol Channel, England, is mainly composed of Polychaeta (43.9%), Mollusca (31.9%),Expand
Aquaculture of green mussel Mytilus viridis L.: Cultivation on ropes from floating rafts
M. viv idis is a fairly widely distributed species along the coastline of India. In Goa, rich beds of this mussel are found in inshore waters and estuaries. Rope culture of green mussel in Goa hasExpand
Benthos of the shelf region along the west coast of India
Distribution and abundance of benthos in the depth range of 10-70m were studied. A definite relationship was observed between benthic biomass, organic carbon, nature of substrata and demersal fishExpand
Mumbai harbour, India: gateway for introduction of marine organisms
Ships have been identified as one of the important vectors in the translocation of organisms from one bioregion to another leading to bioinvasion. In this context, harbours serve as a gateway for theExpand
Benthos of the Bay of Bengal: A preliminary account
Quantitative distribution of benthos in the depth range 20-1700 m from the Bay of Bengal has been studied. Biomass and population density of benthos in the Bay of Bengal were not very different fromExpand
Marine bioinvasion: Concern for ecology and shipping
Marine bioinvasion - introduction of marine organisms alien to local ecosystem through ship hulls and ballast water - has serious consequences to native biota, fishery and general coastal ecosystem.Expand