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Exploring the crystallization landscape of cadmium bis(N-hydroxyethyl, N-isopropyldithiocarbamate), Cd[S2CN(iPr)CH2CH2OH]2
Abstract Crystallization of Cd[S2CN(iPr)CH2CH2OH]2 from ethanol yields the coordination polymer [{Cd[S2CN(iPr)CH2CH2OH]2}·EtOH]∞ (1) within 3 h. When the solution is allowed to stand for anotherExpand
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5-Fluorouracil Co-crystals and Their Potential Anti-cancer Activities Calculated by Molecular Docking Studies
A series of co-crystals containing 5-fluorouracil as the active pharmaceutical ingredient were prepared via mechanochemical grinding and a normal solution method. Results indicate that both methodsExpand
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Structural, electrochemical, and adsorption studies of Ni and Zn benzylimidazole coordination polymers with terephthalate linkers
Two coordination polymers, [Ni(bim)2(L1)(H2O)2]n (CP-1) and [Zn(bim)(L1)(Cl)]n (CP-2) (bim = 1-benzylimidazole, L1 = terephthalic acid), were synthesized and characterized by physicochemical andExpand
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Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of silver(I) complexes with mixed-ligands of thiosemicarbazones and diphenyl(p-tolyl)phosphine as biological agents
Abstract Five new silver(I) complexes were synthesized with mixed ligands of thiosemicarbazone derivatives and diphenyl(p-tolyl)phosphine in search of new biologically active compounds. A CHNExpand
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Development of magnetic porous coordination polymer adsorbent for the removal and preconcentration of Pb(II) from environmental water samples
A novel porous coordination polymer adsorbent (BTCA-P-Cu-CP) based on a piperazine(P) as a ligand and 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylic acid (BTCA) as a linker was synthesized and magnetized to formExpand
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Bipodal benzoylthiocarbamic acid esters: crystal and molecular structures of R = Et (a polymorph), and of a binuclear Cu(I) complex, R = iPr
Abstract The crystal and molecular structure of a second polymorph (P21/n) of [1,4-ROC(=S)N(H)C(=O)C6H4C(=O)N(H)C(=S)OR], R = Et, is shown to have inversion symmetry and to have a more twistedExpand
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2,3,9,10,15,16-Hexaazatetracyclo[,16.011,15]hexadecane dihydrate
The four six-membered fused rings in the title compound, C10H20N6·2H2O, adopt chair conformations; the H atoms of the four secondary N atoms occupy axial positions. Expand
Structure determination and tautomeric transition of 3-amino-1{[bis(benzylsulfanyl)methylidene]amino}urea
The single crystal X-ray analysis of 3-amino-1{[bis(benzylsulfanyl)methylidene]amino}urea shows that the compound crystallizes in the triclinic system with the space group P-1 and Z = 4. TheExpand
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Crystal structure of S-(4-methylbenzyl) piperidinedithiocarbamate
The title compound, C14H19NS2, crystallizes in the thione form with the presence of a C=S bond. The piperidine ring adopts a chair conformation. The dihedral angle between the essentially planarExpand
Highly sensitive and selective determination of malathion in vegetable extracts by an electrochemical sensor based on Cu-metal organic framework
Abstract This article demonstrates the first application of a copper-based porous coordination polymer (BTCA-P-Cu-CP) as a carbon paste electrode (CPE) modifier for the detection of malathion. TheExpand
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