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Erratum: "Chandra Sample of Nearby Relaxed Galaxy Clusters: Mass, Gas Fraction, and Mass-Temperature Relation"
We present gas and total mass profiles for 13 low-redshift, relaxed clusters spanning a temperature range 0.7-9 keV, derived from all available Chandra data of sufficient quality. In all clusters,
Mid-Infrared Selection of Active Galaxies
Mid-infrared photometry provides a robust technique for identifying active galaxies. While the ultraviolet to mid-infrared (λ 5 μm) continuum of stellar populations is dominated by the composite
Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project. II. Samples and X-Ray Data Reduction
We discuss the measurements of the galaxy cluster mass functions at z 0.05 and z 0.5 using high-quality Chandra observations of samples derived from the ROSAT PSPC All-Sky and 400 deg2 surveys. We
Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project III: Cosmological Parameter Constraints
Chandra observations of large samples of galaxy clusters detected in X-rays by ROSAT provide a new, robust determination of the cluster mass functions at low and high redshifts. Statistical and
An overview of the performance and scientific results from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO)
ABSTRACT The Chandra X‐Ray Observatory (CXO), the X‐ray component of NASA’s Great Observatories, was launched on 1999 July 23 by the space shuttle Columbia. After satellite systems activation, the
Chandra Temperature Profiles for a Sample of Nearby Relaxed Galaxy Clusters
We present Chandra gas temperature profiles at large radii for a sample of 13 nearby, relaxed galaxy clusters and groups, which includes A133, A262, A383, A478, A907, A1413, A1795, A1991, A2029,
Host Galaxies, Clustering, Eddington Ratios, and Evolution of Radio, X-Ray, and Infrared-selected AGNs.
We explore the connection between different classes of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and the evolution of their host galaxies, by deriving host galaxy properties, clustering, and Eddington ratios of
A Moving Cold Front in the Intergalactic Medium of A3667
We present results from a Chandra observation of the central region of the galaxy cluster A3667 with emphasis on the prominent sharp X-ray brightness edge spanning 0.5 Mpc near the cluster core. Our
Direct Constraints on the Dark Matter Self-Interaction Cross Section from the Merging Galaxy Cluster 1E 0657–56
We compare new maps of the hot gas, dark matter, and galaxies for 1E 0657-56, a cluster with a rare, high-velocity merger occurring nearly in the plane of the sky. The X-ray observations reveal a
We present a set of low-resolution empirical spectral energy distribution (SED) templates for active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and galaxies in the wavelength range from 0.03 ?m to 30 ?m based on the