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Factors limiting the improvement in thermal efficiency of S. I. engine at higher compression ratio
An analysis of the factors that limit the improvement in thermal efficiency at higher compression ratios was performed with both thermodynamic calculation and experiment. The results showed that theExpand
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Vibration sensor for an automotive vehicle engine
A vibration sensor for an automotive vehicle having a piezoelectric element of diaphragm type for detecting mechanical vibrations from an internal combustion engine such as knocking frequency. TheExpand
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Combustion Characteristics of a direct-injection stratified charge S. I. engine
Abstract A direct-injection stratified charge gasoline engine has been developed that can run on an air–fuel ratio of 40–50 : 1. Major characteristics of the engine system include swirl gas flow andExpand
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Characteristics of Fuel Economy and Output in Methanol Fueled Turbocharged S.I. Engine
One outstanding feature of methanol as an alternative fuel for spark ignition engines is its very high antiknock characteristics. In this study, potential improvements in output power and thermalExpand
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Fast burn-heavy egr improves economy, reduces nox
Technical feature:Nissan Motor Co. has concluded that short combustion duration (fast burn) coupled with heavy exhaust gas recirculation improves engine stability, reduces nitrogen oxides, andExpand
Device for detecting engine knock
A device for detecting engine knock is disclosed. The device comprises a bipolar vibration sensor secured to a spark ignition internal combustion engine and has first and second outputs forExpand
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