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Decline of photosynthetic capacity with leaf age in relation to leaf longevities for five tropical canopy tree species.
The effect of leaf aging on photosynthetic capacities was examined for upper canopy leaves of five tropical tree species in a seasonally dry forest in Panama. These species varied in mean leafExpand
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Ecological Interpretation of Leaf Carbon Isotope Ratios: Influence of Respired Carbon Dioxide
In a Neotropical moist forest at Barro Colorado Island, Panama, 6'3C values of CO2 in air and (13C values of leaf tissue exhibit parallel patterns of variation between the forest floor and theExpand
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Coordinated changes in photosynthesis, water relations and leaf nutritional traits of canopy trees along a precipitation gradient in lowland tropical forest
We investigated leaf physiological traits of dominant canopy trees in four lowland Panamanian forests with contrasting mean annual precipitation (1,800, 2,300, 3,100 and 3,500 mm). There was nearExpand
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Decline of photosynthetic capacity with leaf age and position in two tropical pioneer tree species.
The effect of leaf age on photosynthetic capacity, a critical parameter in the theory of optimal leaf longevity, was studied for two tropical pioneer tree species, Cecropia longipes and UreraExpand
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Cloud cover limits net CO2 uptake and growth of a rainforest tree during tropical rainy seasons
Recent global-scale analyses indicate that climate variability affects net carbon storage but regard temperature and precipitation to be the main contributors. Seasonal and interannual variation inExpand
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Ecological and evolutionary consequences of desiccation tolerance in tropical fern gametophytes.
Ferns have radiated into the same diverse environments as spermatophytes, and have done so with an independent gametophyte that is not protected by the parent plant. The degree and extent ofExpand
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Seasonal patterns of carbohydrate storage in four tropical tree species
We examined the seasonal variation in total non-structural carbohydrate (TNC) concentrations in branch, trunk, and root tissues of Anacardiumexcelsum, Lueheaseemannii, Cecropialongipes, andExpand
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Seasonal leaf phenotypes in the canopy of a tropical dry forest: photosynthetic characteristics and associated traits
Abstract We evaluated the hypothesis that photosynthetic traits differ between leaves produced at the beginning (May) and the end (November–December) of the rainy season in the canopy of a seasonallyExpand
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Variation in crown light utilization characteristics among tropical canopy trees.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Light extinction through crowns of canopy trees determines light availability at lower levels within forests. The goal of this paper is the exploration of foliage distribution andExpand
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Interactions between Acclimation and Photoinhibition of Photosynthesis of a Tropical Forest Understorey Herb, Alocasia macrorrhiza, during Simulated Canopy Gap Formation
1. The effects of a sudden increase in irradiance and the high leaf temperatures characteristic of a canopy gap environment were studied with chlorophyll fluorescence and gas-exchange measurements onExpand
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