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The Science of Clays: Applications in Industry, Engineering and Environment
ion. University of California Press. ISBN 0-520-22225-3. Greenfield, Amy Butler (2005). A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire. HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-052275-5. 196Expand
Study of Correlation and Path Analysis for Green Pod Yield and Its Contributing Traits in Vegetable Pea (Pisum sativum L.)
Pea (Pisum sativum L.) is an important crop grown throughout the world. In India, it is grown mainly as winter vegetable in the plains of North India and as summer vegetable in the hills. Pea is usedExpand
Enhanced colchicine production in root cultures of Gloriosa superba by direct and indirect precursors of the biosynthetic pathway
Excised root cultures of Gloriosa superba reached 7.5 g dry wt l−1 and accumulated 240±40 μg colchicine g−1 cell dry wt after 4 weeks growth. While all precursors (except trans-cinnamic acid)Expand
Variation in content of taxol and related taxanes in Eastern Himalayan populations of Taxus wallichiana.
Extraction and analysis of paclitaxel and other taxanes in bark, needle leaves and stem segments of male and female plants of Taxus wallichiana, representing several populations, indicate thatExpand
Forskolin synthesis in in vitro cultures of Coleus forskohlii Briq transformed with Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated tumor tissue and shooty teratomas of Coleus forskohlii were cultured in vitro. Forskolin was detected in tumorous callus (0.002%), rhizogenic callus (0.011%) andExpand
Play and Toys in West Bengal: Self-reports of parents of children with cerebral palsy
Play, in the West, is seen by professionals as a crucial context for the transmission of skills, such as problem-solving, language, and communication. As such, it forms the vehicle for muchExpand
Chemical Properties of Clay and Thermodynamic Aspects
Chemical properties of clays are very important to the understanding of their behaviour. The electrical charge and colloidal size of clay mineral particles make them hydrate and interact so thatExpand
Concept of Geomedicine and Medicinal Mineralogy
Mineralogical factors of an environment have mainly some negative (irritating, toxic) effect on human health. Mineral–induced pathogeneses can be caused by a distant effect (radiation), a tactile oneExpand
Applied Mineralogy: Applications in Industry and Environment
Introduction.- Part-I: Essentials of Mineralogy.- Minerals and Their Chemical Classification.- Mineral Crystals and Structural Classification.- Mineral Chemistry.- Physical Properties.- OpticalExpand
Genetic transformation of Artemisia annua by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and artemisinin synthesis in transformed cultures
Abstract Transformed organ cultures of Artemisia annua were established following infection with two wild type nopaline strains of Agrobacterium tumefaciens . Parameters like explant type, strainExpand