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Evaluation of Front Line Demonstrations on Summer Rice through an Eco-Friendly Technology for Management of Yellow Stem Borer
Economic analysis says that net return as well as benefit cost ratio was higher under demonstrated technology as compared to farmers’ plots and the technology gap, extension gap and technology index calculated were 775kg/ ha, 1125 kg/ ha and 11.23, respectively. Expand
Colonial Origins of Maoist Insurgency in India
What are the long-term effects of colonial institutions on insurgency? My article shows the historical origins of insurgency by addressing the puzzle of why the persistent Maoist insurgency,Expand
Pre-Colonial Warfare and Long-Run Development in India
We analyze the relationship between pre-colonial warfare and long-run development patterns in India. We construct a new, geocoded database of historical conflicts on the Indian subcontinent, fromExpand
Colonial Origins of Maoist Insurgency in India: Historical Legacies of British Indirect Rule
A fundamental question remains unanswered by theorists of civil war — do colonial institutions matter in explaining civil wars? The linkages between the literature on colonial institutions and civilExpand
Historical legacies of colonial indirect rule: Princely states and Maoist insurgency in central India
What are the long term effects of colonial institutions on insurgency? The literature on civil wars has not explored the historical legacies of colonial institutions for insurgency. I address thisExpand
Why Are the Longest Insurgencies Low Violence? Politician Motivations, Sons of the Soil, and Civil War Duration
There is a puzzle yet unanswered by theorists of civil war – why are the longest insurgencies low levels of violence? I argue that medium capacity states with multiple insurgencies tend to choose aExpand
Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia