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Under-enumeration in Indian censuses: impact on inter-censal population growth 1901-81.
An examination of the extent of under-enumeration in Indian censuses is presented. The author contends that the omission rates in India have not in fact been very high and that more accurate
Trends in the treatment of acute diarrhoeas in infancy.
The picture of acute diarrheal disease in infancy as seen in a large developing country like India is presented to present the great hope in prevention of diarrhea by improvement in nutrition of children, prevention of malnutrition, improved sanitation, environmental conditions and health education.
It is demonstrated that gangrene was earliest and maximal in the returning limb of the intussusception, near its apex, and the int Mussusception was irreducible owing to adhesions between the returning layer and the ensheathing layer.
Taxonomic Importance of the Terminal Segments of Psychodid Larvæ.
While engaged in the breeding of sandflies at the Kala-azar Research Laboratory of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, the author had an excellent opportunity of studying the immature stages and more especially the larvæ of the species occurring locally.
Demographic Trends, Global and Indian Scene, and Implications
World population passed the 5 billion mark recently and India’s population accounted for ahout 15% of that number. It is believed that world population will stabilize at about 10 billion around the
Was there significant migration to Eastern India during 1971-81?
An attempt is made to estimate in- and out-migration rates for selected states and union territories in Eastern India over the decade 1971-1981 with particular attention to the political unrest that