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The ecology of language evolution
1. Introduction 2. The founder principle in the development of creoles 3. The development of American Englishes: factoring contact in and the social bias out 4. The legitimate and illegitimateExpand
Language Evolution: Contact, Competition and Change
1. Introduction Part 1: Population Dynamics and Language Evolution 2. Language evolution 3. Population movements, contacts, competition, selection, and language evolution 4. How population-wideExpand
The founder principle in creole genesis
SUMMARYIn this paper, the author discusses one of the aspects of creole genesis from a population genetics perspective, analogizing 'language' with 'population' (rather than 'organism', the traditionExpand
Pidgins and Creoles
Colonisation , Globalisation , and the Future of Languages in the Twenty-first Century
The typical academic discourse on language endangerment has presented languages as anthropomorphic organisms with lives independent of their speakers and capable of negotiating on their own the termsExpand
Pidgin and Creole Languages
The study of creoles and pidgins has been marked by controversy about how they emerged, whether they can be identified by their structural features, and how they stand genetically in relation toExpand