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Spectrophotometric determination of phosphate in river waters with molybdate and malachite green
On the basis of the coloration formed with molybdate and malachite green in aqueous solution, trace amounts of phosphate were determined. The molar absorptivity was 7.8 × 104 l mol–1 cm–1 at 650 nm.Expand
Chitosan functionalized with di-2-propanolamine: Its application as solid phase extractant for the determination of germanium in water samples by ICP-MS
Abstract Cross-linked chitosan was chemically modified with di-2-propanolamine via an arm of chloromethyloxirane (CCTS-DPA resin). The adsorption behavior of the resin towards 62 elements wasExpand
Synthesis of a chitosan-based chelating resin and its application to the selective concentration and ultratrace determination of silver in environmental water samples
A novel chelating resin using chitosan as a base material, ethylenediamine-type chitosan, has been synthesized for the first time in the present study, and applied to the collection/concentration ofExpand
Simple flow-injection system for the simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate in water samples.
The proposed spectrophotometric flow-injection system coupled with a copperised cadmium reductor column could be applied successfully to the simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate in water samples. Expand
Synthesis of chitosan resin possessing 3,4-diamino benzoic acid moiety for the collection/concentration of arsenic and selenium in water samples and their measurement by inductively coupled
Abstract A chitosan resin functionalized with 3,4-diamino benzoic acid (CCTS-DBA resin) was newly synthesized by using a cross-linked chitosan (CCTS) as base material. The adsorption behavior ofExpand
Determination of trace heavy metals in herbs by sequential injection analysis-anodic stripping voltammetry using screen-printed carbon nanotubes electrodes.
The present method offers high sensitivity and high throughput for on-line monitoring of trace heavy metals and can be used for the automatic and sensitive evaluation of heavy metals contaminated in herb items. Expand
Determination of total and dissolved amount of iron in water samples using catalytic spectrophotometric flow injection analysis.
The amounts of free iron were detected using a catalytic action of Fe(III) and Fe(II) on the oxidation of N,N-dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Expand
Trace and ultratrace analysis methods for the determination of phosphorus by flow-injection techniques.
The detection method based on the chemiluminescence of luminal oxidized with molybdophosphoric acids is probably the most sensitive of all the detection methods reported so far: LOD of the method is as low as 1nM. Expand
On-line preconcentration using dual mini-columns for the speciation of chromium(III) and chromium(VI) and its application to water samples as studied by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission
The developed method was successfully applied to the speciation of chromium in river, tap water and wastewater samples with satisfied results. Expand
Synthesis of cross-linked chitosan possessing N-methyl-d-glucamine moiety (CCTS-NMDG) for adsorption/concentration of boron in water samples and its accurate measurement by ICP-MS and ICP-AES.
The CCTS-NMDG resin shows high ability in boron sorption with the capacity of 0.61mmolml(-1) and the sorption kinetics of this resin was faster than that of the commercially available resins. Expand