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Challenges in Ranking of Universities
In this paper we discuss recent developments in rankings of universities and the impact of these rankings on academia in the context of international benchmarking and evaluation. We focus onExpand
A GIS-based assessment of landsliding in the Daunia Apennines, southern Italy
We have used a Geographic Information System (GIS) tool to examine the spatial patterns and factors of slope instability in the northwestern part of the Apulia Region (Southern Italy). The areaExpand
Development and Testing of a Scale Model Clamshell Mucker
R & D Journal of the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering 2017, 33, 9-21 http://www.saimeche.org.za (open access) © SAIMechE All rights reserved. 9 The aim of the research was toExpand
Time correlation functions for quantum systems: the case of harmonic oscillators
The quantum harmonic oscillator represents the most common fundamental building block to compute thermal properties of virtually any dielectric crystalline material at low temperatures in terms ofExpand