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Religion and Enlightenment
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Reason and Religion in the English Revolution: The Challenge of Socinianism
Introduction 1. The Socinian challenge to Protestant Christianity 2. Socinianism in England and Europe 3. The Great Tew Circle: Socinianism and scholarship 4. Royalists, Socinianism and the EnglishExpand
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Platelet levels and activity are decreased in hibernating 13-lined ground squirrels which may prevent venous thromboembolism (879.17)
The objective of this study is to determine how a hibernating mammal avoids the formation of blood clots under periods of low blood flow. Hibernating ground squirrels have dramatically decreased he...
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Arthroscopic Treatment of Knee Fractures
Tibial plateau fractures can be a challenging injury to manage for orthopaedic surgeons. Management of these fractures has evolved from immobilization, skeletal traction, open reduction, and internalExpand
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Leviathan and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
The problems of the Stuart multiple monarchy provide an important context for Hobbes’s Leviathan. His fellow Royalists were divided over whether to use Scottish or Irish assistance in regainingExpand
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Book review
The Allegiance of Thomas Hobbes, Jeffrey Collins, Oxford University Press, Oxford (2005) (xii+313pp., £58, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-926847-4). Leviathan After 350 Years, Tom Sorrel, Luc Foisneau (Eds.),Expand