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Progress in developing perennial wheats for grain and grazing
The best near-term prospect of a productive breeding program for a perennial, wheat-derived cereal will utilise a diploid, perennial donor species, and the most promising one thus far is Thinopyrum elongatum.
Rhizo-lysimetry: facilities for the simultaneous study of root behaviour and resource use by agricultural crop and pasture systems
The rhizo-lysimeter root research facility in Wagga Wagga Australia is described in detail and its potential to conduct both ecophysiological and ecohydrological research in the study of root interactions of agricultural crops and pastures is quantitatively assessed.
Addressing subsoil acidity in the field with deep liming and organic amendments: Research update for a long-term experiment
Abstract A long-term field experiment was established in 2016 to manage subsurface soil acidity through innovative amelioration methods with the aim to increase productivity, profitability and
A Genomic Region Associated with Aluminium Tolerance in Barley
It appears that homologous genomic regions may be involved in aluminium tolerance in barley, and microsatellite markers Bmac186 and Bmac310 can be used as markers for selection of the Al tolerance gene from Brindabella (Alp3).
Canola and subsoil constraints: Technical Bulletin
Allelopathic potential of pasture legume species and selected winter crops on barnyard grass and rice
Three annual pasture legume species,antas subclover, shaftal persian, and viper balansa clovers, canola and barley were used for the evaluation of potential allelopathic effects of residues on the germination and early growth of barnyard grass and rice varieties used for drill sown rice.
Deeper roots may improve the water use of early sown canola