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Metabolism of 2-hydroxy-3-deoxyestradiol by rat liver microsomes.
Abstract The biotransformation of [6,7-3H]2-hydroxy-3-deoxyestradiol, which is a positional isomer of the naturally occurring estrogen, has been investigated with rat liver microsomes.Expand
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Purines. XI. The Synthesis of N-Alkoxyadenosines and Their 2', 3'-O-Isopropylidene Derivatives
Alkylation of adenosine 1-oxide (I) and its 2', 3'-O-isopropylidene derivative (V) with alkyl halides in N, N-dimethylacetamide furnished the corresponding 1-alkoxy derivatives (IIa-f). The freeExpand
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Purines. VII. 1-Alkoxy-9-alkyladenine Salts as Possible Alkylating Reagents
Treatment of 1-methoxy-9-methyladenine hydriodide (Ia) with hot pyridine has been found to produce 1-methylpyridinium salt (IIf) and 9-methyladenine 1-oxide (IIIf). Similarly, pyridine was ethylatedExpand
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