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An analysis of the floristic composition and diversity of Amazonian forests including those of the Guiana Shield
A large number of newly published and unpublished hectare plots in Amazonia and the Guiana Shield area allow an analysis of family composition and testing of hypotheses concerning alpha-diversity in
A spatial model of tree α-diversity and tree density for the Amazon
Large-scale patterns of Amazonian biodiversity have until now been obscured by a sparse and scattered inventory record. Here we present the first comprehensive spatial model of tree α-diversity and
Seed Dispersal by Bats in the Neotropics
Seed Dispersals by Bats in the Neotropics, Seed Dispersal by BATS in theNeotropics , and more.
Identification of Amazonian Trees with DNA Barcodes
It is concluded that while DNA barcoding is an invaluable tool for detecting errors in identifications and for identifying plants at juvenile stages, its limited ability to identify collections will constrain the practical implementation of DNA-based tropical plant biodiversity programs.
Flowering plants of the neotropics.
The classification of Monocotyledon Families treated in Flowering Plants of the Neotropics and Families of Angiosperms treated by Judd et al.