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Ethnic differences in psychological functioning among black and Latino sexually abused girls.
Psychological assessments were conducted for Black and Latino sexually abused girls aged 8 to 13 years. Latino girls received significantly higher scores for depression than the Black girls. TheseExpand
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Effect of Fish Age on Predicted and Observed Chronic Toxicity of Lead to Rainbow Trout in Lake Ontario Water
Exposure of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) starting at the egg stage to water-borne lead in Lake Ontario water (hardness of 135 mg CaCO3/L) resulted in black tails (early symptoms of spinalExpand
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Development of Pelagic Larvae and Postlarva of Squilla empusa (Crustacea, Stomatopoda), with an Assessment of Larval Characters within the Squillidae
Larvae of the predatory crustacean Squilla empusa were collected from the plankton in Chesapeake Bay and reared in the laboratory topermit description of the pelagic stages before the postlarvalExpand
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Summary Results are presented on the distribution of bifidobacteria and E.coli in human and animal faeces. Bifidobacterium isolates have been tentatively identified to the species level by a seriesExpand
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Studies on the reproductive biology of the mud crab, Rhithropanopeus harrisii: induction of spawning during the nonbreeding season
Most temperate brachyuran crabs breed only during the warmer part of the year, thus preventing year-round experimentation on their reproductive and development biology. Although there have beenExpand
Mating Disruption/SIR Filbertworm: Semi-Scientific Attempts With Mating Disruption
In 1994 this did not result in reduced incidence of "wormy" hazelnuts at harvest. Two plausible explanations include the late date at which dispensers were placed in the blocks relative to FWExpand