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Property-Based Software Engineering Measurement
Little theory exists in the field of software system measurement. Concepts such as complexity, coupling, cohesion or even size are very often subject to interpretation and appear to have inconsistentExpand
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A Unified High-Level Petri Net Formalism for Time-Critical Systems
The authors introduce a high-level Petri net formalism-environment/relationship (ER) nets-which can be used to specify control, function, and timing issues. In particular, they discuss how time canExpand
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Defining and Validating Measures for Object-Based High-Level Design
The availability of significant measures in the early phases of the software development life-cycle allows for better management of the later phases, and more effective quality assessment whenExpand
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Issues in using students in empirical studies in software engineering education
Several empirical studies have been carried out with college students as subjects in the last few years. Researchers often use these studies to pilot experiments before they are carried out inExpand
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Generating test cases for real-time systems from logic specifications
We address the problem of automated derivation of functional test cases for real-time systems, by introducing techniques for generating test cases from formal specifications written in TRIO, aExpand
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An Operational Process for Goal-Driven Definition of Measures
We propose an approach (GOM/MEDEA) for defining measures of product attributes in software engineering. The approach is driven by the experimental goals of measurement, expressed via the GQMExpand
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On the application of measurement theory in software engineering
Elements of measurement theory have recently been introduced into the software engineering discipline. It has been suggested that these elements should serve as the basis for developing, reasoningExpand
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Theoretical and Empirical Validation of Software Product Measures
In this paper we present and discuss a concrete method for validating measures of software product internal attributes and provide guidelines for its application. This method integrates much of theExpand
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Measuring and assessing maintainability at the end of high level design
Software architecture appears to be one of the main factors affecting software maintainability. Therefore, in order to be able to predict and assess maintainability early in the development processExpand
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Applying GQM in an industrial software factory
Goal/Question/Metric GQM) is a paradigm for the systematic definition, establishment, and exploitation of measurement programs supporting the quantitative evaluation of softare processes andExpand
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