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Evaluation of intervertebral disc cartilaginous endplate structure using magnetic resonance imaging
PurposeThe cartilaginous endplate (CEP) is a thin layer of hyaline cartilage positioned between the vertebral endplate and nucleus pulposus (NP) that functions both as a mechanical barrier and as aExpand
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Human L3L4 intervertebral disc mean 3D shape, modes of variation, and their relationship to degeneration.
Intervertebral disc mechanics are affected by both disc shape and disc degeneration, which in turn each affect the other; disc mechanics additionally have a role in the etiology of disc degeneration.Expand
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Internal three-dimensional strains in human intervertebral discs under axial compression quantified noninvasively by magnetic resonance imaging and image registration.
Study objectives were to develop, validate, and apply a method to measure three-dimensional (3D) internal strains in intact human discs under axial compression. A custom-built loading device appliedExpand
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Automatic Detection of Three-Dimensional Vascular Tree Centerlines and Bifurcations in High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Angiography
  • Ling Zhang, B. Chapman, +5 authors F. Noo
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  • 1 October 2005
Objectives:We sought to develop a simple and robust algorithm capable of automatically detecting centerlines and bifurcations of a three-dimensional (3D) vascular bed. Materials and Methods:AfterExpand
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Composite (Dual) Gradients.
The tradeoff between gradient performance factors, size of the imaging region, and physiological factors such as nerve stimulation typically leads to compromises in gradient design and ultimatelyExpand
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In Vivo MRI of the Cartilaginous Endplate of the Intervertebral Disc
INTRODUCTION Intervertebral disc degeneration is considered one of the key causes of back pain. The intervertebral disc has three major structural components: nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus, andExpand
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Vertical motion control of building façade maintenance robot with built-in guide rail
Recently, the number of high-rise building has increased along with the development of technology to cope with the increase in population. Because of this, many researches on an automatic buildingExpand
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Window cleaning system with water circulation for building façade maintenance robot and its efficiency analysis
Most maintenance works on building exterior walls are carried out by human labor and a cable-driven system (gondola). This approach involves a safety problem, motivating many recent studies ofExpand
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Local bi‐planar gradient array design using conformal mapping and simulated annealing
Many magnetic resonance imaging applications require high spatial and temporal resolution. The improved gradient performance required to achieve high spatial and temporal resolution may be achievedExpand
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Quantification of Intervertebral Disk Cartilaginous Endplate Morphology using MRI
Introduction The IVD cartilaginous endplate (CEP) is a 450 mm to 800 mm thick layer of hyaline cartilage,2 which functions as a mechanical barrier between the pressurized nucleus pulposus and theExpand
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