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Chopped random-basis quantum optimization
In this work, we describe in detail the chopped random basis (CRAB) optimal control technique recently introduced to optimize time-dependent density matrix renormalization group simulations [P.Expand
Optimal control at the quantum speed limit.
This work explores the ultimate limit in paradigmatic cases of optimal control theory, and demonstrates that it coincides with the maximum speed limit allowed by quantum evolution. Expand
Optimal control of complex atomic quantum systems
This work computing theoretically and verifying experimentally the optimal transformations in two very different interacting systems: the coherent manipulation of motional states of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate and the crossing of a quantum phase transition in small systems of cold atoms in optical lattices. Expand
Density Matrix Renormalization Group for Dummies
We describe the Density Matrix Renormalization Group algorithms for time dependent and time independent Hamiltonians. This paper is a brief but comprehensive introduction to the subject for anyoneExpand
Simulation of time evolution with multiscale entanglement renormalization ansatz
We describe an algorithm to simulate time evolution using the multiscale entanglement renormalization ansatz and test it by studying a critical Ising chain with periodic boundary conditions and withExpand
Optimal control technique for many-body quantum dynamics.
We present an efficient strategy for controlling a vast range of nonintegrable quantum many-body one-dimensional systems that can be merged with state-of-the-art tensor network simulation methodsExpand
Generation and manipulation of Schrödinger cat states in Rydberg atom arrays
Entanglement of up to 20 qubits is achieved in superconducting and trapped atom platforms and “Schrödinger cat” states of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) type with up to20 qubits are created, establishing important ingredients for quantum information processing and quantum metrology. Expand
Communication at the quantum speed limit along a spin chain
Spin chains have long been considered as candidates for quantum channels to facilitate quantum communication. We consider the transfer of a single excitation along a spin-1/2 chain governed byExpand
Efficient quantum computing of complex dynamics.
We propose a quantum algorithm which uses the number of qubits in an optimal way and efficiently simulates a physical model with rich and complex dynamics described by the quantum sawtooth map. TheExpand