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Have you heard the one about the disappearing ice? Recasting Arctic geopolitics
This article unpacks the discourse of Arctic geopolitics evident in the space-making practices of a wide variety of actors and institutions, offering an exploration of the ways in which the Arctic isExpand
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Mapping the political geographies of Europeanization
Political geographers have significantly contributed to understandings of the spatialities of Europeanization. We review some of this work, while also highlighting research themes where furtherExpand
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Finlandisation versus westernisation: Political recognition and Finland's European Union membership debate
It is often said that Finland's European Union (EU) membership in 1995 finally made it a ‘purely Western’ nation. This article theorises upon the membership debate by studying the geopoliticalExpand
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City regionalism as geopolitical processes
This article sets out a new conceptual framework for investigating how city regionalism is constituted as a variegated set of geopolitical processes operating within and beyond the national state.Expand
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EU Eligibility, Central Europe, and the Invention of Applicant State Narrative
This article is about changing regional understandings in Europe and how those changed understandings reflect and shape contemporary geopolitical arrangements in the context of the eastwardExpand
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The state as a space of health: on the geopolitics and biopolitics of health-care systems
ABSTRACT The state as a space of health: on the geopolitics and biopolitics of health-care systems. Territory, Politics, Governance. The historical transformations of state spaces have recently beenExpand
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From Geopolitical to Geoeconomic? The Changing Political Rationalities of State Space
This article underlines the significance of context-sensitive research in understanding the historical transformations of state space that have occurred as part of wider geopolitical conditions. WeExpand
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Redrawing the Map of Europe: Spatial Formation of the EU's Eastern Dimension
How to write about the many, diverse, politically contested and often highly contradictory meanings of Eastern Europe in a short text? In this article, I approach Eastern Europe from the perspectiveExpand
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Towards Attractive and Cost-Efficient State Space: Political Geography of the Production of State Transformation in Finland
Fundamental state restructuring has taken place in Finland over the past fifteen years and this transformation is increasingly revolving around the spatial dimension of statehood. The nation-state asExpand
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Neoliberalisation in a Nordic State: From Cartel Polity towards a Corporate Polity in Finland
In this paper, we present an outline of state transformation in the context of a Nordic welfare state. We use Finland as an example of the transformation process in which a welfare state form we callExpand
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