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Rotation and Activity in Mid-M to L Field Dwarfs
We analyze rotation velocities and chromospheric (H?) activity, derived from high-resolution spectra, in a large sample of mid-M to L field dwarfs. The projected rotation velocity is found toExpand
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The t tauri phase down to nearly planetary masses : Echelle spectra of 82 very low mass stars and brown dwarfs
Using the largest high-resolution spectroscopic sample to date of young, very low mass stars and brown dwarfs, we investigate disk accretion in objects ranging from just above the hydrogen-burningExpand
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The Planetary Mass Companion 2MASS 1207–3932B: Temperature, Mass, and Evidence for an Edge-on Disk
We present J-band imaging and H+K-band low-resolution spectroscopy of 2MASS 1207-3932AB, obtained with VLT NACO. For the putative planetary mass secondary, we find J = 20.0 ? 0.2 mag. The HK spectraExpand
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An Effective Temperature Scale for Late-M and L Dwarfs, from Resonance Absorption Lines of Cs I and Rb I
We present Keck HIRES spectra of six late-M dwarfs and 11 L dwarfs. Our goal is to assign effective temperatures to the objects using detailed atmospheric models and fine analysis of the alkaliExpand
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Angular momentum evolution in low-mass stars is determined by initial conditions during star formation, stellar structure evolution, and the behavior of stellar magnetic fields. Here we show that theExpand
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A Widely Separated, Highly Occluded Companion to the Nearby Low-mass T Tauri Star TWA 30
We report the discovery of TWA 30B, a wide (~3400?AU), co-moving M dwarf companion to the nearby (~42?pc) young star TWA 30. Companionship is confirmed from their statistically consistent properExpand
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A Large-Scale Survey of NGC 1333
We observed the clustered star forming complex NGC 1333 with the BIMA and FCRAO telescopes in the transitions HCO+(1-0) and N2H+(1-0) over an 11' × 11' area with resolution ~10'' (0.015 pc). The N2H+Expand
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Part of the work by A.S. was funded by the Science Foundation Ireland through grant 10/RFP/AST2780.
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The Enigmatic Young, Low-mass Variable TWA 30
TWA 30 is a remarkable young (7 ± 3 Myr), low-mass (0.12 ± 0.04M_⊙), late-type star (M5 ± 1) residing 42 ± 2 pc away from the Sun in the TW Hydrae Association (TWA). It shows strong outflow spectralExpand
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Efficacy of cholinesterase inhibitors in the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms and functional impairment in Alzheimer disease: a meta-analysis.
CONTEXT Cholinesterase inhibitors are the primary treatment for the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer disease (AD). Cholinergic dysfunction is also associated with neuropsychiatric and functionalExpand
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