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A greener approach for resource recycling: Manganese bioleaching.
In view of unremitting diminution of mineral resources, rising energy economics along with increasing global consumption of Manganese (Mn), development of environment friendly technologies forExpand
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Molecular identification of indigenous manganese solubilising bacterial biodiversity from manganese mining deposits
Manganese (Mn) ranks twelfth among the most exuberant metal present in the earth's crust and finds its imperative application in the manufacturing steel, chemical, tannery, glass, and batteryExpand
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Consequences of manganese compounds: a review
Manufacturing of manganese (Mn) compounds, their industrial applications as well as mining overburden, has generated a potential environmental pollutant. Occupational exposure to elevated levels ofExpand
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Advances in Manganese Pollution and Its Bioremediation
The requirement for manganese (Mn) has augmented extensively owing to the intense production of steel and the mounting paucity of natural deposits. The widespread mining, mineral processing, andExpand
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Isolation, Identification and Screening of Manganese Solubilizing Fungi From Low-Grade Manganese Ore Deposits
ABSTRACT The present investigation reports the isolation, molecular identification and screening of manganese (Mn) solubilizing fungal strains from low-grade Mn mine tailings. Six morphologicallyExpand
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Bioleaching of manganese by Aspergillus sp. isolated from mining deposits.
A comprehensive study on fungus assisted bioleaching of manganese (Mn) was carried out to demonstrate Mn solubilization of collected low grade ore from mining deposits of Sanindipur, Odisha, India. AExpand
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A review of biotechnology processes applied for manganese recovery from wastes
The global consumption of manganese is rising due to its growing industrial requirement while the natural reserves of manganese are diminishing at an alarming rate. Consequently, recovery ofExpand
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