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Polydrug abuse: a review of opioid and benzodiazepine combination use.
This paper reviews studies examining the pharmacological interactions and epidemiology of the combined use of opioids and benzodiazepines (BZDs). A search of English language publications from 1970Expand
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Effects of Acute Oral Naltrexone on the Subjective and Physiological Effects of Oral D-Amphetamine and Smoked Cocaine in Cocaine Abusers
Despite the prevalent worldwide abuse of stimulants, such as amphetamines and cocaine, no medications are currently approved for treating this serious public health problem. Both preclinical andExpand
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The effects of pioglitazone, a PPARγ receptor agonist, on the abuse liability of oxycodone among nondependent opioid users
AIMS Activation of PPARγ by pioglitazone (PIO) has shown some efficacy in attenuating addictive-like responses in laboratory animals. The ability of PIO to alter the effects of opioids in humans hasExpand
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Effects of Ibudilast on the Subjective, Reinforcing, and Analgesic Effects of Oxycodone in Recently Detoxified Adults with Opioid Dependence
Ibudilast, a nonselective phosphodiesterase inhibitor, is used clinically in Asia for the treatment of asthma and poststroke dizziness. Recent preclinical studies have suggested that it also inhibitsExpand
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Abuse potential of intranasal buprenorphine versus buprenorphine/naloxone in buprenorphine‐maintained heroin users
In spite of the clinical utility of buprenorphine, parenteral abuse of this medication has been reported in several laboratory investigations and in the real world. Studies have demonstrated lowerExpand
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The PPARγ Agonist Pioglitazone Fails to Alter the Abuse Potential of Heroin, But Does Reduce Heroin Craving and Anxiety
ABSTRACT Possibly through its effects on glia, the peroxisome proliferator-activated gamma receptor (PPARγ) agonist pioglitazone (PIO) has been shown to alter the effects of heroin in preclinicalExpand
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Risks, Management, and Monitoring of Combination Opioid, Benzodiazepines, and/or Alcohol Use
Abstract The concurrent use of opioids, benzodiazepines (BZDs), and/or alcohol poses a formidable challenge for clinicians who manage chronic pain. While the escalating use of opioid analgesics forExpand
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Assessing the contribution of opioid- and dopamine-related genetic polymorphisms to the abuse liability of oxycodone
BACKGROUND Attempts to identify opioid users at increased risk of escalating to opioid use disorder have had limited success. Data from a variety of sources suggest that genetic variation may mediateExpand
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Baseline characteristics of patients predicting suitability for rapid naltrexone induction.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Extended-release (XR) injection naltrexone has proved promising in the treatment of opioid dependence. Induction onto naltrexone is often accomplished with a procedure knownExpand
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Abuse liability of intravenous buprenorphine vs. buprenorphine/naloxone: Importance of absolute naloxone amount.
BACKGROUND This study sought to determine the relative importance of a range of Bup/Nx doses compared to Bup alone in producing subjective and reinforcing effects. METHODS Heroin-using volunteersExpand
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