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Exact differential and corrected area law for stationary black holes in tunneling method
We give a new and conceptually simple approach to obtain the ``first law of black hole thermodynamics'' from a basic thermodynamical property that entropy (S) for any stationary black hole is a state
Glassy phase transition and stability in black holes
Black hole thermodynamics, confined to the semi-classical regime, cannot address the thermodynamic stability of a black hole in flat space. Here we show that inclusion of a correction beyond the
Quantum Tunneling, Blackbody Spectrum and Non-Logarithmic Entropy Correction for Lovelock Black Holes
We show, using the tunneling method, that Lovelock black holes Hawking radiate with a perfect blackbody spectrum. This is a new result. Within the semiclassical (WKB) approximation the temperature of
Childhood Plasmodium vivax malaria with severe thrombocytopenia and bleeding manifestations.
A 4-year-old boy with P. vivax malaria is reported, who developed severe thrombocytopenia during the course of his infection manifested by bleeding from skin and mucosal surfaces and improved with antimalarial and intravenous immunoglobulin therapy.
Second order phase transition and thermodynamic geometry in Kerr-AdS black holes
We discuss a scheme based on Ehrenfest-like equations to exhibit and classify transitions between two phases (with ``smaller'' and ``larger'' masses) of Kerr-AdS black holes. We show that for fixed
Nonparadoxical loss of information in black hole evaporation in a quantum collapse model
We consider a novel approach to address the black hole information paradox. The idea is based on adapting, to the situation at hand, the modified versions of quantum theory involving spontaneous
Baryogenesis via Hawking-like radiation in the FRW space-time
We present a phenomenological model for baryogenesis based on particle creation in the Friedman–Robertson–Walker (FRW) space-time. This study is a continuation of our proposal that Hawking-like
A unified picture of phase transition: from liquid-vapour systems to AdS black holes
A bstractBased on fundamental concepts of thermodynamics we examine phase transitions in black holes defined in Anti-de Sitter (AdS) spaces. The method is in line with that used a long ago to