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The costs of industrial accidents for the organization: Developing methods and tools for evaluation and cost–benefit analysis of investment in safety
Abstract This paper proposes methods for reliable evaluation of the costs involved in industrial accidents for an organization – especially in relation to loss of production. We use a managementExpand
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Workers' Participation in Decision-Making Processes and Firm Stability
This paper argues that firm efficiency and stability, as well as workers' satisfaction, can be achieved through participatory decision-making rules. It offers theoretical rationales and empiricalExpand
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Citizens' Learning, Involvement, and Participation in Decision-Making Under the Democratic Ethos: A Theoretical Framework and the Israeli Experience
Abstract Public administration literature usually assumes that citizens' participation in administrative decision-making (PDM) processes can improve public sector performance and trust. In thisExpand
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Self‐Provision of Public Services: Its Evolution and Impact
This article establishes a framework for explaining the ways in which citizens, as clients of public services, attempt to deal with situations of combined market and government failures. UnderExpand
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Political culture, alternative politics and foreign policy: The case of Israel
This article analyzes how sociopolitical dynamics within a state can help explaining foreign policy. We show that under certain conditions, the public can be involved in ways that extend beyondExpand
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Managing Democracies in Turbulent Times: Trust, Performance, and Governance in Modern States
Preface.- Prologue: The Conflict Between Good Management and Open Democracy: A Crisis of Trust.- 1 The Transformation of the Modern State.- 2 The Relationship Between Citizens and Government inExpand
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Trust, Participation, and Performance in Public Administration
This paper suggests a framework for measuring trust in health care at the institutional level and for explaining the impact of structural variables on trust. The empirical study was conducted inExpand
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Sport Policy in a Transformed Socio-Political Setting: The Case of Israel
This article describes the impact of socio-political transformation processes on sport policy through the Israeli experience. A framework was developed for analyzing learning processes, utilizing theExpand
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